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Patricia Cornelius

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Patricia Cornelius

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Patricia Cornelius' SHIT is rife with ugliness. Billy, Bobby and Sam speak with the voices of those who've survived foster care, institutionalisation, and neglect. They love no-one and no-one loves them. They believe the world is shit, that their lives are shit, that they are shit. Winner of the 2015 Green Room Awards for Independent Theatre: Best Production and Best Writing and shortlisted for the 2016 Victorian Premier's Award for Drama.%##CHAR13##%%##CHAR13##%'Cornelius looks deep into the hearts and minds of those who have been pushed aside, and finds contradictions that are at once complex, difficult, admirable and scary.' – Ben Neutze, Daily Review

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Prologue. Lights up on BILLY.
BILLY: And he goes, look at you, fuck look at you, what the fuck you done, you fucking done nothing, you never fucking going do something, you fucked-up waste of space, what fucking contribution you made, nothing, nothing at all, you fucked-up nothing, fucking nothing you are, a big fucking nothing, he goes, the biggest fucking nothing, the biggest fucking nothing I know, and I think, who’s this fucking fucked-up fuck telling me I’m fucked up, who’s he, and I go, who are you to fucking tell me I’m fucking nothing, you fucking fuck, you’re the fucking nothing, never going to fucking do nothing fuck, what contribution you and you’re fucking telling me I’m fucking nothing makes you fucking way more fucking way more, way way more fucking nothing.
BOBBY and SAM step in. They stare at BILLY.
BOBBY: Listen to you!
BILLY: What?
SAM: Fucking over the top.
BOBBY: How many fucks you stuffed in that sentence?
SAM: Too many fucks.
BOBBY: You sound fucking nuts with the fucking fucking stuff.
SAM: Way over.
BILLY: Too bad, I like it.
BOBBY: I like it just don’t lay it on so fucking thick.
SAM: Thick carpet of fucks.
BOBBY: Way too thick.
BILLY: I don’t give a shit.
BOBBY: I don’t give a shit either but you’re not …
BILLY: What?
BOBBY: You’re not …
BILLY: What, fuck you, what?
BOBBY: Using it well.
BILLY: Using it well?
SAM: That’s it, you’re not.
BILLY: Fuck me. I know how to use it. Go to hell.
BOBBY: You’re not making the best of it.
BILLY: I know how to make the best of it.
BOBBY: You wear it out.
BILLY: I’ll wear it any fucking way I want to.
SAM: You do, you wear it thin.
BILLY: Here we go, this time the fucking carpet’s thin.
SAM: She can’t stop it.
BILLY: I can fucking stop it.
BOBBY: I know she can’t.
BILLY: I can fucking stop.
SAM: She’s chronic.
BOBBY: Probably the first word she ever said.
BILLY: Fuck off!
SAM: Cute.
BOBBY: Sort of.
SAM: I like little kids who swear.
BOBBY: She’s grown up with it.
SAM: I guess.
BOBBY: Doesn’t know any better.
SAM: Yes. For her it’s like saying please.
BILLY: It is, fuck you.
BOBBY: Cunt comes later.
SAM: Not that muc...

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Author Biography
  3. Introduction: 'The Obscenity of the Feminine' by Alison Croggon
  4. First Production
  5. Characters, Setting, Publisher's Note
  6. SHIT by Patricia Cornelius
  7. Copyright Details
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