Mass Media Revolution
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Mass Media Revolution

J. Charles Sterin, Tameka Winston

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eBook - ePub

Mass Media Revolution

J. Charles Sterin, Tameka Winston

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Now in its Third Edition, Mass Media Revolution remains a dynamic guide to the world of mass media, enhancing its readers' development as critical consumers. The text employs a storytelling narrative style and integrated, chapter-specific digital material, providing a seamless learning experience. It features a wealth of expanded content—with particular attention to diversity in the media industry, reality TV, ethics and social media, and the evolution of online journalism. Chapter content, both print and online, is aligned to the ACEJMC national academic standards. Along with student video resources, this text includes an accompanying instructor resource manual and Power Point slides. All supplementary materials can be found at

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Page numbers in italic indicate a figure. Page numbers in bold indicate a table.
Aakash tablet computer 623
Abbott and Costello (show) 128
Abbott, Bill 167
Abbott, Robert Sengstacke 422
Abernathy, Ralph 423
Accuracy in Media 2856
acetate blank recording disc 270, 463
acquisition 272, 463
Action Comics 112
active media 14; platforms 14, 463
activism 2023
actualities 501, 463
Acxiom 228
Adams, Ansel 357, 359, 482
Adams, John 734
Adgate, Brad 177
AdSense (Google) 227, 463
Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) 57
Advance Publications 259
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The 428
advertising 222, 4502, 463; absence 2289; career outlook 4512; commercial advertising, influence 2314; long-tail advertising 473; national advertising 945; political advertising 2348; services, shift 4501; teaching/informing 2267; 21st century advertising 22936
Advertising Age 110
Advertising Council (AC), PSA production 244
Advertising Photographers of American (APA) 455
Advocate, The 4346, 481
AdWords (Google) 227, 463
affinity paths 27, 463
agenda setting 10, 463; theory 12
agent-based artificial life program 209, 463
age of democracies 3912
Air America Radio 145, 293
air checks 463
Alcorn, Allan 206
Aldrich, Robert 163
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 174
Algiers 165
Alien 168
Alito, Jr., Samuel A. 375
Al Jazeera 401, 404; operation 689
All-American Girl 434
Allied Forces, newsreels (usage) 52
All in the Family 173, 174
All My Loving (Beatles) 133
all-platform journalists (APJs) 3756
alternative music 13941, 463
Amazing Race, The 18, 176
Amazon 185; cloud 71; music tracks sale 323; self-publ...

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