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An Introduction

Susan Blackmore, Emily T. Troscianko

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eBook - ePub


An Introduction

Susan Blackmore, Emily T. Troscianko

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About This Book

Is there a theory that explains the essence of consciousness?

Or is consciousness itself an illusion?

Am I conscious now?

Now considered the 'last great mystery of science', consciousness was once viewed with extreme scepticism and rejected by mainstream scientists. It is now a significant area of research, albeit a contentious one, as well as a rapidly expanding area of study for students of psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience.

This edition of Consciousness, revised by author team Susan Blackmore and Emily Troscianko, explores the key theories and evidence in consciousness studies ranging from neuroscience and psychology to quantum theories and philosophy. It examines why the term 'consciousness' has no recognised definition and provides an opportunity to delve into personal intuitions about the self, mind, and consciousness.

Featuring comprehensive coverage of all core topics in the field, this edition includes:

  • Why the problem of consciousness is so hard
  • Neuroscience and the neural correlates of consciousness
  • Why we might be mistaken about our own minds
  • The apparent difference between conscious and unconscious
  • Theories of attention, free will, and self and other
  • The evolution of consciousness in animals and machines
  • Altered states from meditation to drugs and dreaming

Complete with key concept boxes, profiles of well-known thinkers, and questions and activities suitable for both independent study and group work, Consciousness provides a complete introduction to this fascinating field. Additional resources are available on the accompanying companion website:

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Table of contents