The Christian Theological Tradition
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The Christian Theological Tradition

Mark McInroy, Michael J. Hollerich, Mark McInroy, Michael J. Hollerich

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eBook - ePub

The Christian Theological Tradition

Mark McInroy, Michael J. Hollerich, Mark McInroy, Michael J. Hollerich

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The fourth edition of The Christian Theological Tradition provides students with essential theological knowledge of key persons and events of the Bible and the Christian faith, and of Christianity's multifaceted encounter with Western culture.

Historically arranged, the textbook addresses major theological themes such as revelation, God, Jesus Christ, Creation, salvation, and the church. The textbook deals with the entire Christian tradition from an orientation that is both Catholic and ecumenical, with the fourth edition including expanded coverage of modern Protestant Christianity. The Christian Theological Tradition has been thoroughly revised and updated with nine new or rewritten chapters, including:

  • A new section on the reception of the Second Vatican Council, including the pontificate of Pope Francis.

  • A new treatment of contemporary developments in liberation and environmental theology.

  • A new examination of the relationship between science and Christianity.

  • An entirely rewritten treatment of Islam that focuses on the ways in which the Christian tradition has historically understood and responded to Islam.

  • A new discussion of the "New Atheism, " with theological responses to this influential movement.
  • New textboxes on aspects of religious life, such as liturgy, prayer, art, moral teaching, and social institutions, appropriate to given chapters.

With the assistance of images and maps, key words, and recommended reading, this textbook outlines the methods for Christian theology and demonstrates the relevance of the Christian theological tradition for our contemporary world.

This is an ideal resource for students of theology, biblical studies, or religious studies, and anyone wanting an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the Christian theological tradition.

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