International Security Studies
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International Security Studies

Theory and Practice

Peter Hough, Bruce Pilbeam, Wendy Stokes

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eBook - ePub

International Security Studies

Theory and Practice

Peter Hough, Bruce Pilbeam, Wendy Stokes

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About This Book

This new and updated edition of International Security Studies provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the subject of security studies, with a strong emphasis on the use of case studies to illustrate theoretical debates.

In addition to presenting the major theoretical perspectives, the book examines a range of important and controversial topics in covering both traditional military and non-military security issues such as WMD proliferation, humanitarian intervention, food security and environmental security. The volume also offers a wide range of case studies providing detailed analyses of important global security issues.

The 37 chapters contain pedagogical features and recommended further reading and are divided into five thematic sections:

  • Conceptual and Theoretical
  • Military Security
  • Non-Military Security
  • Institutions and Security
  • Case Studies

Updates for the second edition include:

  • New chapters on cybersecurity and the insecurity of the LGBT community.
  • Substantial revisions to existing chapters to incorporate analysis of important international political developments, including the Trump Presidency; 'Brexit'; North Korean nuclear standoff; the Syrian Civil War; Yemen Civil War; Mediterranean migration crisis; Climate change diplomacy and the Sustainable Development Goals.

This textbook will be essential reading for all students of security studies and highly recommended for students of critical security studies, human security, peace and conflict studies, foreign policy and International Relations in general.

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Note: Bold page numbers refer to tables; italic page numbers refer to figures and page numbers followed by “n” denote endnotes.
  • 7/7 bombers, London 157–9
  • 9/11 attacks: case studies 365–72
    • cyber security 305
    • Human Security 66–7, 69
    • immigration policy 295–6
    • impact of 169–70
    • intelligence 177, 179, 181–4
    • international religious conflicts 162–3, 167–73
    • NATO 343, 392
    • nuclear proliferation 121
    • security of the US 365–72
    • Social Constructivism 82
    • and terrorism 148–9, 151–4, 156–8
    • traditionalism 24–6, 28; see also al-Qaeda terrorist network
  • 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 146
  • 1949 Geneva Convention 61, 192
  • 1977 Geneva Convention Protocol 200, 213
  • 1976 Environmental Modification Treaty (ENMOD) 213
  • 1977 Protocol I amendments to the 1949 Geneva Convention 192, 213
  • 1990s traditionalism 23–4
  • 1993 Prevention of Major IndustrialAccidents Convention 283
  • 2001 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 63
  • 2004 Indonesian tsunami 30, 62, 68
  • 2008 Montreux Document on Private Military and Security Companies 189, 202
  • 2010 Paki...

Table of contents