Escape from Freedom
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Escape from Freedom

Erich Fromm

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eBook - ePub

Escape from Freedom

Erich Fromm

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About This Book

Why do people choose authoritarianism over freedom? The classic study of the psychological appeal of fascism by a New York Times –bestselling author.
The pursuit of freedom has indelibly marked Western culture since Renaissance humanism and Protestantism began the fight for individualism and self-determination. This freedom, however, can make people feel unmoored, and is often accompanied by feelings of isolation, fear, and the loss of self, all leading to a desire for authoritarianism, conformity, or destructiveness. It is not only the question of freedom that makes Fromm's debut book a timeless classic. In this examination of the roots of Nazism and fascism in Europe, Fromm also explains how economic and social constraints can also lead to authoritarianism. By the author of The Sane Society and The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness, this is a fascinating examination of the anxiety that underlies our darkest impulses, an enlightening volume perfect for readers of Eric Hoffer or Hannah Arendt.
This ebook features an illustrated biography of Erich Fromm including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the author's estate.

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Abraham, 288
Actions, 279-80
Activity, 92-93, 170
Adaptation, 13-15, 285
Adler, Alfred, 148-49
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Anarchy, 268
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Aquinas, Thomas, 70-80, 87
Augustine, 70, 87
Authoritarian character, 161-63, 167-68;
– of Luther, 65, 76;
– of Hitler and Nazism, 219 et seq.
Authoritarian philosophy, 171-72
Authority, 26, 66, 81-84, 162-68, 171-76, 211, 214, 252, 268-69
Automation, see Conformity
Balzac, 18, 158, 258
Bartmann, B., 69, 71
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Calvinism, see Protestantism
Capitalism, effect on medieval society, 54-62, 73;
–effect on modern man, 103 et seq.
Cassirer, E., 46
Character structure, 64, 101-2, 103 et seq., 236, 275-76, 277-79. See also Authoritarian character and Social character
Church, Catholic, 41-42, 69-73, 100, 108-9, 122
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Darwinism, 226-27
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Descartes, 253
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Dewey, John, 3, 4, 21
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Table of contents