Century of the Wind
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Century of the Wind

Eduardo Galeano

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eBook - ePub

Century of the Wind

Eduardo Galeano

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"Nothing less than a unified history of the Western Hemisphere." — The New Yorker From Guatemala to Rio de Janeiro, La Paz to New York City, Managua to Havana, Century of the Wind ties together the events and people—both large and small—that define the Americas. In hundreds of lyrical and vivid narratives, the final installment of Galeano's indispensible trilogy sees the building of the Panama Canal, the disenfranchisement of indigenous peoples living over Colombia's oil fields, the creation of Superman and the heyday of Faulkner, and coups and upheavals that cleaved an already fragmented continent. Galeano's elegy moves year by year through the century of Castro, Picasso, and Reagan, blending the many voices and varying locales of North and South America and forming a history that is stunning in its scope and savage beauty.

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Acapulco, 54
Achuapa, 86
Agatón, Saint, 254–55
Agustini, Delmira, 36
Alberto, Carlos, 50–51
Albizu Campos, Pedro, 200
Aldrin, Edwin, 203
Alegría de Pío.159
Alexander, Alfonso, 69
Alfaro, Eloy, 27–28
Alfaro, Hugo, 232
Ali, Muhammad, 198
Allende, Salvador, 209, 210, 212, 213, 214, 215
Almeida, Juan, 164
Ama, José Feliciano, 91
Amado, Jorge, 178.
Amador, Fausto, 248
Amador, Manuel, 8
Amazonia, 19–20, 221–23
American Legion, 144
Amiens, 5
Anaya, Leandro, 245–46
Andrade, Chuy, 72
Andrade, Mário de, 66
Anenecuilco, 25–26, 111
Angico, 114
Aracataca, 73, 74, 75
Aramayo, Carlos, 123, 129, 130
Arango, Doroteo: see Villa, Pancho
Aranha, Osvaldo, 114
Araraquara, 66
Araúz, Pedro Antonio, 69
Arbenz, Jacobo, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153
Arce Gómez, Luis, 252
Arenas, José Luis, 150
Arévalo, Juan José, 149
Argentina, 14, 22, 42–43, 45, 53, 56, 82–84, 99–101, 127–29, 143–44, 156, 157, 228–29, 233–35, 238–40, 245–46, 261, 265–66, 267
Argentine Patriotic League, 53, 56
Arguedas, Alcides, 18
Arguedas, José María, 202–3
Armstrong, Louis, 43, 64–65
Armstrong, Neil, 203
Arque Pass, 205
Arroyo, Carlos, 53
Artemisa, 171
Artigas, José, 231
Arze, Tamara, 266
Astiz, Alfredo, 261
Asturias, 13
Asunción, 13, 156, 257
Atlantic City, 78
Avellaneda, 83
Azángaro, 55
Azuela, Mariano, 41–42
Bairoletto (rebel gaucho), 84
Baixo Grande, 205

Table of contents