Introduction to Non-Mulberry Silkworms
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Introduction to Non-Mulberry Silkworms

D. Elumalai,P. Mohan Raj,R. Ramamoorthy,C. Mohan,B. Poovizhiraja

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eBook - ePub

Introduction to Non-Mulberry Silkworms

D. Elumalai,P. Mohan Raj,R. Ramamoorthy,C. Mohan,B. Poovizhiraja

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About This Book

This book will serve as a valuable source of information on the aspects of history, current scenario, non-mulberry cultivation, pruning, pests and diseases of eri, tasar and muga, silkworm rearing, pests and diseases of non-mulberry silkworm, processing of cocoon etc. This book can be used as resource material and practical guide for the students of agriculture, horticulture and sericulture.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Preface
  7. 1 Introduction to Vanya Sericulture
  8. 2 Distribution of Non-Mulberry Silkworms in India
  9. 3 Voltinism in Non-Mulberry Silkworms – Diapause – Methods to Overcome
  10. 4 Types of Non-Mulberry Silkworms
  11. 5 Eri Silkworm Food Plants Cultivation and Management
  12. 6 Pests of Castor and Their Management
  13. 7 Pests of Tapioca and Their Management
  14. 8 Pest of Papaya and Their Management
  15. 9 Diseases of Castor and Their Management
  16. 10 Disease of Tapioca and Papaya and Their Management
  17. 11 Grainage Techniques in Eri Egg Production
  18. 12 Biology of Eri Silkworm
  19. 13 Eri Silkworms -Biodiversity - Distribution
  20. 14 Early Age Rearing of Eri Silkworm
  21. 15 Late Age Rearing of Eri Silkworm
  22. 16 Eri Silkworm Rearing Management
  23. 17 Processing of Eri Cocoons
  24. 18 Pests and Diseases of Eri Silkworm (Samia Ricini)
  25. 19 Diseases of Eri Silkworm and Their Management
  26. 20 Management of Pest and Diseases of Eri Silkworm
  27. 21 Food Plants of Tasar Silkworm and Management
  28. 22 Host Plant of Terminalia Pests and Diseases and Their Management
  29. 23 Grainage Techniques in Tasar Egg Production
  30. 24 Tasar Silkworms – Biodiversity – Distribution and Eco Races of Temperate and Tropical Tasar
  31. 25 Biology of Tasar Silkworm
  32. 26 Voltinism of Tasar Silkworm
  33. 27 Chawki Rearing Methods of Tasar Silkworm
  34. 28 Late Age Rearing Methods of Tasar Silkworm
  35. 29 Processing of Tasar Cocoons
  36. 30 Diseases of Tasar Silkworm and Their Management
  37. 31 Muga Silkworms – Biodiversity – Distribution
  38. 32 Food Plants of Muga Silkworm and Management
  39. 33 Diseases of Muga Food Plant Som and Their Management
  40. 34 Diseases of Muga Food Plant Soalu and Their Management
  41. 35 Muga Silkworm Rearing Technology
  42. 36 Grainage Techniques in Muga Egg Production
  43. 37 Morphology of Muga Silkworm
  44. 38 Rearing of Muga Silkworm, Antheraea Assamensis
  45. 39 Processing of Muga Cocoons
  46. 40 Pests and Diseases of Muga Silkworm and Their Management