The Song Of Hiawatha
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The Song Of Hiawatha

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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eBook - ePub

The Song Of Hiawatha

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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About This Book

The Song of Hiawatha (1855) is an epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A master of poetic tradition and form, Longfellow wrote The Song of Hiawatha in trochaic tetrameter, the meter of such classical epics as the Finnish Kalevala. Inspired by stories from Ojibwe oral tradition, for which he consulted Ojibwe chief Kahge-ga-gah-bowh and other indigenous sources, Longfellow composed his American epic, a story of romance and perseverance steeped in legend and beloved by generations to come.

Along the shores of Lake Superior, an Ojibwe leader prophesies the arrival of Hiawatha, a great and noble hero. Before he can be born, however, Mudjekeewis must father the Four Winds by killing the Great Bear. His sons grow to be wild, fearless warriors, defending their land and feuding endlessly with one another. Although Nokomis, a woman who fell from the moon, warns her daughter not to fall for the West Wind, Wenonah is seduced by him, bringing about the birth of Hiawatha. Powerful and adventurous from a young age, Hiawatha grows into a legendary figure responsible for the discovery of corn and the invention of a written language for his people. When he meets the beautiful Minnehaha, a young Dakota woman, he struggles to balance his responsibilities as a leader and protector with a love that overwhelms him. The Song of Hiawatha is a romance of epic proportions that pays tribute to the stories of America's first peoples.

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Mint Editions

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. I. The Peace-Pipe
  7. II. The Four Winds
  8. III. Hiawatha’s Childhood
  9. IV. Hiawatha and Mudjekeewis
  10. V. Hiawatha’s Fasting
  11. VI. Hiawatha’s Friends
  12. VII. Hiawatha’s Sailing
  13. VIII. Hiawatha’s Fishing
  14. IX. Hiawatha and the Pearl-Feather
  15. X. Hiawatha’s Wooing
  16. XI. Hiawatha’s Wedding-Feast
  17. XII. The Son of the Evening Star
  18. XIII. Blessing the Cornfields
  19. XIV. Picture-Writing
  20. XV. Hiawatha’s Lamentation
  21. XVI. Pau-Puk-Keewis
  22. XVII. The Hunting of Pau-Puk-Keewis
  23. XVIII. The Death of Kwasind
  24. XIX. The Ghosts
  25. XX. The Famine
  26. XXI. The White Man’s Foot
  27. XXII. Hiawatha’s Departure
  28. Vocabulary
  29. A Note About the Author
  30. A Note from the Publisher