Harvest of Fish and Wildlife
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Harvest of Fish and Wildlife

New Paradigms for Sustainable Management

Kevin L. Pope, Larkin A. Powell, Kevin L. Pope, Larkin A. Powell

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eBook - ePub

Harvest of Fish and Wildlife

New Paradigms for Sustainable Management

Kevin L. Pope, Larkin A. Powell, Kevin L. Pope, Larkin A. Powell

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About This Book

Harvest of Fish and Wildlife: New Paradigms for Sustainable Management unites experts in wildlife and fishery sciences for an interdisciplinary overview of harvest management. This book presents unique insights for embracing the complete social-ecological system to ensure a sustainable future. It educates users on evolutionary and population dynamics; social and political influences; hunter and angler behavior; decision processes; impacts of regulations; and stakeholder involvement.


  • Written by twenty-four teams of leading scientists and managers.
  • Promotes transparent justification for fishing and hunting regulations.
  • Provides examples for integrating decision making into management.
  • Emphasizes creativity in management by integrating art and science.

This book appeals to population biologists, evolutionary biologists and social scientists. It is a key resource for on-the-ground managers and research scientists developing harvesting applications.

As the book's contributors explain:

  • "Making decisions that are robust to uncertainty…is a paradigm shift with a lot of potential to improve outcomes for fish and wildlife populations." –Andrew Tyre and Brigitte Tenhumberg
  • "Temporal shifts in system states…must somehow be anticipated and dealt with to derive harvest policies that remain optimal in the long term." –Michael Conroy
  • "Proactive, effective management of sportspersons…will be essential in the new paradigm of harvest management." –Matthew Gruntorad and Christopher Chizinski

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