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Kali Linux Penetration Testing Bible
Kali Linux Penetration Testing Bible

Kali Linux Penetration Testing Bible

Gus Khawaja
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Kali Linux Penetration Testing Bible

Gus Khawaja
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About This Book

A comprehensive how-topentestbook, using the popular Kali Linux tools

Kali is a popular Linux distribution used by security professionals and is becoming an important tool fordailyuseand for certifications. Penetration testers need to master Kali'shundreds oftools forpentesting, digital forensics, and reverse engineering. Kali Linux Penetration Testing Bible is a hands-on guide for getting the most from Kali Linux forpentesting.This book is for working cybersecurity professionals in offensive, hands-on roles, includingred teamers, white hat hackers, and ethical hackers. Defensive specialists will also find thisbookvaluable, as they need tobe familiar withthe tools used by attackers.

This is the most comprehensivepentestingbookon the market, covering every aspect of the art and science of penetration testing. Itcoverstopicslike building a modernDockerizedenvironment, the basics of bash language in Linux, finding vulnerabilities in different ways, identifying false positives, and practical penetration testing workflows. You'll also learn to automate penetration testing with Python and dive into advanced subjects like buffer overflow, privilege escalation, and beyond.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the hundreds of penetration testing tools available in Kali Linux
  • Master the entire range of techniques for ethical hacking, so you can be more effective in your job and gain coveted certifications
  • Learn how penetration testing works in practice and fill the gaps in your knowledge to become apentestingexpert
  • Discover the tools and techniques that hackers use, so you can boost your network's defenses

For established penetration testers, thisbook fills all the practical gaps, so you have one complete resource that will help you as your career progresses. For newcomersto the field, Kali Linux Penetration Testing Bible is your best guide tohowethical hackingreallyworks.

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Computer Science
Cyber Security

Table of contents