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The Blessing of "Just Enough"
The Blessing of "Just Enough"

The Blessing of "Just Enough"

Earnest Johnson
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108 pages
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The Blessing of "Just Enough"

Earnest Johnson
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About This Book

Many of our country's inner cities and even rural communities are inundated with small churches. For the most part, these churches believe that their call to ministry is every bit as purposeful and meaningful as those that are much larger. Serving in small ministries can sometimes feel daunting and exhaustive, especially when one's focus is obscured by size or the lack of growth.

The false narrative associated with small churches is that small numbers is the result of small vision. Nothing can be further from the truth. Many great evangelists have led thousands to Christ and have never pastored a church. The value and worth in any ministry should not be placed on its size but rather on evangelism. We do not have to create new formulas or new categories to simulate church growth, "Christ Himself is enough."

God's greatest blessings in the church are often overlooked because of the perception of slow growth or maybe no growth at all. For many small churches, this reality has become a handicap. The difficulty, however, is the inability to see God in the midst of those difficulties. In church settings, God shows us many ways to navigate through the confines and constraints of spiritual impediments and in so doing we are able to benefit from the "Blessing of Just Enough."

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