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Self-Compassion For Dummies
Self-Compassion For Dummies
📖 Book - PDF

Self-Compassion For Dummies

Steven Hickman
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📖 Book - PDF

Self-Compassion For Dummies

Steven Hickman
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About This Book

Become your own best friend and reap the life-changing benefits!

Being kind to yourself might sound simple, but self-compassion can change your life dramatically (and most of us are WAY kinder to others than to ourselves) Self-CompassionForDummies will help you discover self-critical thoughts andself-defeatingbehaviors that are holding you back from fulfilling your potentialand explore how you canlearn to work around thesethings to find your way to more joy and satisfaction. We often think being hard on ourselves will help motivate us to be better people, but Dr. Steven Hickman'sreview of theresearchfindsthat just the opposite is true. When you learn to love and appreciate yourself completely(as an imperfect human with messy feelings and uncomfortable thoughts), you free yourself up to achieve great things. This book will show you how!

Befriendingyourselfand coping mindfully with the challenges of everyday lifeis easy with this practical guide.You'll learn how to give yourself a taste of your own medicine byturningunderstanding, acceptance, and love—stuff you already do for others all the time—inward.

  • Discover the research behind self-compassion and learn how it can help youface yourinsecurities and life a fuller lifeas a result
  • Cultivate feelings of self-worth, acceptance, and love forsomeone who really deserves it—you!
  • Explorethe potential ofself-compassionto address self-criticism, perfectionism, shame, self-doubt, anxiety, and anger
  • Work through evidence-basedexercises and practicesto easily master the art of self-compassionas a daily way of being and not just an esoteric exercise

Now more than ever, we need to offer support and love to ourselves.Thankfully, this is a skill we can all develop with a little help from Self-CompassionForDummies.

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