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Your Next Step in Business Development

Bart Jenezon

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Your Next Step in Business Development

Bart Jenezon

About This Book

#1nspiring offers guidance to entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing them an overview and snapshot of their next steps as they build and grow their business.

#1nspiring delivers clarity and ease of use and methods on how to move from purpose to profit. It offers a step-by-step approach beginning from the moment when an idea for a business is formulated to those who want to improve their business that is already up and running. In the start-up age and the era of the Internet of things, new methods to grow and improve businesses are available and required. #1nspiring offers these with tools and maps entrepreneurs can use to get going, determine where they should focus, and move from purpose to profit. Whether you are a self-employed professional or a small business owner, #1nspiring is invaluable for everyone who aspires to start, build and grow a business.

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III. Grow:



III. Grow: Co-Creation

If things go well in the activation stage, you are ready to think about further business development and growth. This stage is about scaling up your business, and sustaining and, if possible, multiplying it.
In this stage you think about:
  • People (organization)
  • Planet (market and growth)
  • Profit (finance or funding)
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Who are the most important people?
  • What are my growth markets?
  • What is the profitability?
Business is always about the people and mutual benefits.
Businesses have to be sustainable by themselves.
Are you ready to grow?

7. People

Who is in your team?
#organization #team #partners

7. People

Your business is based on relationships.
What does your company look like?
  • Organization
Some important questions underlying your organization:
  • Who is involved in your business?
  • Who are the key players in your team?
  • What are their skills, roles and responsibilities?
  • Who are your business partners and main suppliers?
  • Who are your other stakeholders and participants?
The organizational structure must manage activities such as task allocation, coordination and supervision, anything and everything directed towards the achievements of organizational aims.
  • Sketch out your team in an organizational chart.
  • Make an overview of your business partners and suppliers.
My most important relationships are …
List key management functions. Create a simple overview of functions in a small or medium-sized company. Maybe the company has or could have a board of advisors and/or supervisory board. They could be your formal or informal coach and business mentor. We invite our most important advisors into the board of inspiration.
  • Write down the key people of your organization and their specific role and responsibility.
  • Make a drawing of your organization with this organizational chart and structure.
What does your organization look like?

8. Planet
(Market and Growth)

What is your (growth) strategy?
#market #strategy #growth

8. Planet

Time to get an overview of all the facts and figures of your (potential) customers and market share.
What is your market size?
  • Market and growth
Ask yourself:
  • What is my primary ...

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