Agile Leadership with Brain and New Authority
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Agile Leadership with Brain and New Authority

How to successfully transit to a new role model in the VUCA world, accompany change processes, use psychology & motivation for leading

Simone Janson, Simone Janson, Simone Janson

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eBook - ePub

Agile Leadership with Brain and New Authority

How to successfully transit to a new role model in the VUCA world, accompany change processes, use psychology & motivation for leading

Simone Janson, Simone Janson, Simone Janson

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About This Book

In the 4th, completely revised edition of this groundbreaking guide, published by an award-winning publisher, renowned experts (overview in the book preview) combine their knowledge with interactive AI. This unique combination of decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology enables you to master challenges on a whole new level. Thanks to the innovative transfer of information, complemented by personal experiences of success, you can realize your goals and reach your full potential. Because digital change and transformation are on everyone's lips as leadership topics. However, if you take a closer look, you will quickly realize that only a small part of the managers in companies are mentally and emotionally able to understand the radical changes themselves and pass them on to their employees. However, our understanding of leadership is in the process of undergoing radical change. This book explains how the leaders of the future are preparing for this. For its concept "Information as Desired, " the publisher won the Global Business Award as Publisher of the Year and received government funding. It is also a partner of the Ministry of Education and Research of the Federal Republic of Germany. The goal to give you the best possible content on topics such as career, finance, management, recruiting, or psychology goes far beyond the static nature of traditional books: The interactive AI Extended Books not only provide AI-optimized content in several languages based on data analysis but also allow you to ask individual questions and receive advice tailored to your personal interests. Each book contains detailed information and examples for your successful use of AI. You can utilize AI software for free, download e-courses, collaborate with workbooks, or engage with an active community. So you gain valuable resources that enhance your knowledge, stimulate creativity, and make your personal and professional goals achievable and tangible. Expertise and technical innovation go hand in hand, as we take the responsibility to deliver well-researched and informed content seriously, honoring the trust you place in us. Due to the unique combination of human expertise and innovation, we can publish works that meet your requirements in every aspect. And furthermore, we want to offer you the opportunity to make your journey towards personal growth and success even more unforgettable. We understand that true change occurs not just in the mind but primarily through personal experiences and application. Therefore, we've conceptualized special success journey experiences tailored to each book for you. Be inspired to elevate your life to an entirely new level. By purchasing the books, you can also do good: The publisher dedicates about 5 percent of book sales revenue to socially relevant or sustainable projects. We provide scholarships, support innovative ideas, and contribute to climate protection initiatives. Publisher Simone Janson is also a bestselling author and one of the top 10 influential German bloggers according to the Blogger Relevance Index. Additionally, she has been a columnist and author for renowned media outlets such as WELT, Wirtschaftswoche, or ZEIT - more about her can be found, among other places, on Wikipedia.

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Authors Overview

Elmar Lesch

Elmar Lesch is a business coach, management and sales trainer.
Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH), is an internationally certified management consultant BDU / CMC as well as a successful management and sales trainer, business coach, project manager and lecturer for project management. Owner of the consulting firm for sales & marketing LESCH CONSULT and shareholder of the UMSATZMEISTER Methods Institute for Potential Development.

Ralf Koschinski

Ralf Koschinski is Dipl.-Kaufmann, Coach & Mittelstandsberater.
He is a certified management & business coach and SME consultant. Owner of VERTRIEBSMEISTER®, Institute for Enterprise Development, and shareholder of the UMSATZMEISTER Methods Institute for Potential Development.
The Technical Management (IHK) and Diplom-Kaufmann (FH) has developed the ratiomotion® method. As a multi-certified trainer (including NLP Practitioner, INSIGHTS MDI® DISG Consultant), the Q-Pool 100 business trainer's quality certificate will help companies with their technical and design-oriented products achieve their sales goals. His know-how in sales and as a trained professional musician (trumpet, guitar, vocals) he has recently in his book "music is in distribution" linked.

Michael Moesslang

Michael Moesslang is a lecturer at St. Gallen Business School, BAW and Munich University of Applied Sciences, Top 100 Excellence Trainer, Coach and Author.
Michael Moesslang has authored numerous books, including "Professional Authenticity: Why a Jewel Shines and Kiesel Are Gray" and "How Hitchcock Would Present: Convince the Master of Suspense". Moesslang is an expert in the presentation method "PreSensation®". His conviction: Everyone can become a positive ambassador for himself or his company through personal impact and confident behavior.

Dorothea Assig & Dorothee Echter

Dorothea Assig & Dorothee Echter have been top management consultants for 20 years.
Dorothea Assig, Expert for Outstanding Careers and Dorothee Echter, Topmanagement.Wissen.weltweit, have been specializing for over two decades in advising top management worldwide. They lead outstanding management personalities with their organizations and companies to sustainable reputation. With their ambition management theory they make sure that the top management offers direct and effective orientation and initiates successes.

Theo Bergauer

The sovereignty expert Theo Bergauer has been active as a coach and coach for personal development and entrepreneurial processes since 25 years.
Well-known stars from the sport as well as large German and internationally active companies rely on the experience potential and the training of the construction and industrial engineer. He is not concerned with short-term knowledge transfer or a quick motivation boost, but rather with the accompaniment of processes that lead to sovereignty and thus personal and entrepreneurial success. With Matthias Winter he founded the G.winner Academy, which offers an integral study together with the University of Steinbeis.
Website: and

Roswitha A. van der Markt

Roswitha A. van der Markt is a management consultant and executive coach for HP, Siemens or SAP.
van der Markt studied humanities in Munich, Amsterdam and Pretoria and has more than 25 years of international leadership experience, including as managing partner of the world's leading consulting firm Accenture. She holds an Executive MBA from Harvard University in cooperation with MIT's Sloan School of Management (Boston, Mass.). She is also Commercial Manager (Babson College) and winner of the German University Software Award.
Since 1998 Roswitha works van der Markt as executive consultant and coach for executives of the first and second level as well as author and business speaker. Its international customer and experience background includes companies such as Accenture, Siemens, Fujitsu, Infineon, HP, Oracle, SAP, Allianz, BT, GE, Telekom, as well as outstanding medium-sized companies. As an expert in Business Transformation, Change Management, Leadership and Human Performance, as well as Strategy and Organizational Development, she manages mandates in Eastern and Western Europe and the USA.
She also held teaching assignments at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, the Otto-Friedrichs-University, Bamberg, the Technical University, Dresden, the IE Business School, Madrid and was project coach of the IEWS (Institute of EastWest Studies) and the UNESCO for multi-national projects for the economic and democratic development of Eastern Europe.
She calls herself a digital baby boomer and has been working as a digital nomad for almost 20 years.
http: /

Roland Jäger

Roland Jäger, known from the show Anne Will, is a business consultant, bestselling author and coach for executives.
The graduate in business administration worked for many years as a manager for a renowned private bank and in a major consulting firm. His main focus today is on leadership, communication, conflict management, change management and self-management.

Anne M. Schüller

Anne M. Schüller is a management thinker, keynote speaker, business coach and multiple award-winning bestselling author. She has repeatedly been named Top Voice by Business Network LinkedIn.
The graduate in business administration is considered a leading expert in touchpoint management and customer-focused corporate management. She is one of the most sought after speakers in the German-speaking world. For more than 20, she has held leadership roles in sales and marketing for several international service companies, and has received several awards. 2015 was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the German Speakers Association (GSA) for her life's work.
At congresses, conferences, events and corporate events, it holds top-class, rousing and practical keynote and impulse lectures on the topics of corporate organization and leadership in the Next Economy, touchpoint management, customer loyalty and referral marketing. She also conducts power workshops on these topics. Your Touchpoint Institute trains certified Touchpoint Managers. Its customers include the elite of the German, Austrian and Swiss economies. counts them among the most important management thinkers. Her bestseller "Touch.Point.Sieg." Is a trainer book of the year 2016. Her bestseller "The Touchpoint Company" was named the management book of the year 2014. Her bestseller "Touchpoints" is S...

Table of contents

  1. Imprint
  2. Introduction: How this book supports you
  3. Teams as managers - 6 tips: flexible management, away with the alpha animals! // By Olaf Hinz
  4. TALK | Billionaire and Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer: Networked work in global teams // By Simone Janson
  5. Success killer Hierarchy: Away with the power posturing! // By Anne M. Schüller
  6. Optimal leadership: Knowing everything is no advantage // By Roland Jäger
  7. Agile leadership and the end of the hierarchy: trust wins // By Roswitha A. van der Markt
  8. 3 tips for agile change management in companies: Leading employees in change // By Theo Bergauer
  9. This is how great careers succeed: 5 dynamics you should know // By Dorothea Assig & Dorothee Echter
  10. Leadership Management by Buddy: Authority despite niceness // By Michael Moesslang
  11. Agile leadership coaching with the 8A implementation method // By Elmar Lesch, Ralf Koschinski
  12. Agile management and innovation in the network: coincidence instead of stubborn planning // By Simone Janson
  13. Closing Remarks
  14. Authors Overview
  15. About the publisher Best of HR -®
  16. Notes on translation
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