Make Profit Immediately
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Make Profit Immediately

Earn more money quickly, success thanks to sales strategies communication & psychology, win customers with rhetoric, negotiate & convince self-confidently

Simone Janson, Simone Janson, Simone Janson

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eBook - ePub

Make Profit Immediately

Earn more money quickly, success thanks to sales strategies communication & psychology, win customers with rhetoric, negotiate & convince self-confidently

Simone Janson, Simone Janson, Simone Janson

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Authors Overview

Markus Fost

Markus Fost is the winner of the Vendor Award and in business development as well as a member of the Management Board at metabo.
Markus Fost, BA Cand. MBA, born 1984, studied business administration at the HfWU Nürtingen-Geislingen. In his professional activity for well-known industrial companies and consulting companies, he gained extensive experience in the e-commerce sector. Markus spent a total of nine years with Graupner GmbH and Co. KG, most recently in the year 2009 - 2010 as Commercial Director / CFO. In the year 2009 he was awarded the Vendor Award Emerging of the Year by as part of his work at Graupner GmbH and Co. KG. Markus Fost is currently working in business development for the power tool manufacturer metabo and as a speaker for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Lothar Lay

Lothar Lay is Sales Manager, Sales and Management Consultant.
The business economist (VWA) systemic coach is considered a leading expert on the subject of price talks and negotiation. Before that, he worked for over twenty years in sales at national and international corporations in the areas of consumer, capital goods and services. He has advised and trained AEG, John Deer and VDI, among others. In 2013 he received the 5 star speaker award “Best Performer Trainer”.

Ulrike Aichhorn

Ulrike Aichhorn is a company consultant, speaker and trainer.
Ulrike Aichhorn has 12 years of management experience in large national and international corporations, a Master of Advanced Studies, a Master in Training and Development and her degree in Professional Speaker (GSA STI, Berlin). It develops marketing strategies especially for women. Her customers include, above all, companies in the financial sector and in the automotive industry.
In the summer of 2015 in Washington DC, she was the first Austrian to receive the Certified Speaking Professional® CSP, the highest international speaker award.

Kurt-Georg Scheible

Kurt-Georg Scheible is an entrepreneur, consultant, coach and speaker.
And above all, a success negotiator. The successful negotiator who goes into the fire is his motto. Meaning, he prepares his clients for important negotiations, but also goes to the negotiating table and listens or intervenes, if desired.

Dr. Martin Christian Morgenstern

Dr. Martin Christian Morgenstern is a behavioral scientist and evolutionary psychologist.
As an expert in Mental Strength, Personality Development, Motivation and Stress Management, he has been advising, coaching and training specialists and executives, politicians, entrepreneurs and professional athletes for over ten years. In addition, he has been a lecturer at renowned universities of applied sciences for many years. His methods are scientifically proven and can be immediately converted to 100 percent.

Lars Schäfer

Lars Schäfer is a speaker, trainer and is considered a leading expert on the subject of “emotional selling”.
After training as an industrial clerk and marketing specialist, he worked for 15 years in the office and in the field. Since 2004 he has been an independent sales and communication trainer specializing in “customer loyalty through emotional selling”. It offers sales training for field staff, shop staff and sales engineers.

Oliver Schumacher

Oliver Schumacher is sales trainer and speaker.
The speaker (MA) and Betriebswirt (FH) worked 10 years in the B2B field service for the branded goods industry. Today, the fifth book author provides praxiserprobe tips and strategies on the topics of new customer acquisition, offer management and price negotiation. Its main clientele are small and medium-sized enterprises, which have their own field service.

Dirk Kreuter

Dirk Kreuter is one of the most influential thinkers on sales, sales and acquisition.
Kreuter is owner of the company kreuter: new customer with guarantee! He is CSP - Certified Speaker Professional, Trainer of the Year 2010, Speaker of the year 2011. Together with Christian Wulff, Deutsche Mittelstands-Summit Dirk Kreuter voted the TOP CONSULTANT for the last four years in a row. From 2012 to 2014, he taught as a lecturer at the Steinbeis Transfer Institute as part of the certification course Professional Speaking GSA.
After starting 1991 with product-related sales training, Dirk Kreuter completed 1994 training as a trainer at the Berufsverband der deutschen Verkaufförderer and trainer. The first seminars abroad for English customers were given by Kreuter 2007 in Eastern Europe. As an author, co-author and co-editor, he published 30 publications.

Harald Smolak

Harald Smolak is a client director and HR director at Atreus.
Harald Smolak has spent over 25 years of international experience in complex transformations in the Semiconductor, IT, Telecom, Insurance, Consulting and Medical Engineering industries, as a General Manager, Marketing & Sales Manager and Human Resources Manager. As Client Director and HR Director at Atreus for Interim Management and Executive Search, he is responsible for the acquisition of mandates and the selection of new Sales Directors. For successful leadership recruitment, he has developed and implemented a new form of collaborative leadership learning guidance for experienced managers. As a longtime systemic consultant, he accompanies his clients and managers in projects on new and proven ways.

Daniel Weinstock

Daniel Weinstock is an expert in business and finance in Europe.
As a speaker and author, he is on the stage internationally with his topics Financial Success, Neurotraining and the PowerMind Selling Method® developed by him. As a trainer and coach, he resolves obstacles and leads participants to new results.

Sandra Schubert

Sandra Schubert is a sales expert - for Mercedes, O2 or VW.
Ausgezeichnet als Senatorin von Junior Chamber International, dem weltweiten Verband der Wirtschaftsjunioren, ist die studierte Betriebswirtin Impulsgeberin für Positive Psychologie im Verkauf und als Professional Speaker GSA/SHB anerkannt. National und international einfach als “die SCHUBs” bekannt, entwickelt sie Vertriebskonzepte und maßgeschneiderte Verkaufstrainings, schult zum Thema Neukundenakquise, Empfehlungsmanagement und Kommunikation – unter anderem für Mercedes Benz, O2, Rodenstock, VW und RedBull.

Klaus Schuster

Klaus Schuster is a manager, management consultant, executive coach and management trainer.
After completing his apprenticeship and professional training in electronics retailing, Klaus Schuster started working in the banking sector. 2001 began his management career at the Austrian Volksbank (ÖVAG), of which he was a member of the board from 2001 to 2003. From 2003 to 2006, the project manager was responsible for the takeover of the Serbian Trust Banka and the establishment of the Volksbank Serbia. At the same time, he headed the organization, IT, retail banking, controlling, accounting, product management, marketing and human resources departments of the Serbian à – VAG subsidiary on the board.
From September 2007 to November 2011 was a board member of the Slovenian Manager Association and the first president of the Foreign Managers Section, whose founding he was responsible for. In November 2006, he founded his own consulting company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia and has since been responsible for managers at all levels and industries.
Schuster obtained a Master of Business Administration degree from the IEDC Bled School of Management in Bled. In 2011 he received the Alumni Achievement Award from the IEDC-Bled School of Management.

Simone Janson

Simone Janson is a publisher, consultant and is one of the 20 most important German bloggers according to the Blogger Relevance Index and Wikipedia. According to DIE ZEIT, she is one of the most important bloggers on career, professional and working life. She is also a keynote speaker and advises companies such as Samsung, OTTO and Randstad on HR communications, and she has also worked for various universities and business schools.
The FAZ about Simone Janson: "... gives easy to implement tips on how to get there with less effort and make life easier."
Janson has written or contributed to over 20 books for publishers such as Redline Wirtschaft, Springer Gabler and Bertelsmann, including the bestseller “The 110% Lie”, which has been translated into several languages, as well as various textbooks and university publications. In addition, she regularly wrote columns in the print and online editions of DIE WELT and t3n as well as in the online edition of Wirtschaftswoche.
Website: (DE) and (EN)

About the publisher Best of HR -®

Best of HR -® is publishing house, registered trademark and eLearning on Demand platform by the German Top20-Blogger, publisher and consultant Simone Janson, referenced in Wikipedia, ARD, ZEIT, WELT. About 500 internationally renowned authors also write here. All information is available in German and English.
In addition Best of HR -® offers an eLearning on Demand service: Customers can arrange and download themselves under eCourses on their desired topic or take an individual and particularly for you conceived eMail course.

Notes on translation

This work is published in German and English. We support neural machine learning when translating into English. What does this mean exactly?

AI and neural networks: How is our translation produced?

The automated translation we use is based on AI systems using neural networks such as those used by DeepL or Google Translator. These neural networks are able to accurately represent the meaning of the translated sentences in the target language and at the same time are often able to find a more professional formulation.
Neural systems translate entire sentences at once on a high level, not just word for word. The system uses the broader context to identify the most relevant translation, which it then rearranges and adapts to resemble human speech with appropriate grammar. Because it is easier to understand each sentence, translated paragraphs and articles are much smoother and easier to read.

How we support neural machine translation

This is possible because the end-to-end learning system is based on Neural Machine Translation, which means that the networked system learns over time to produce better, more natural translations.
With every input, every correction, the quality of translations is improved in this way, thus helping other users who work with neural machine translation. As we consider intercultural communication to be particularly important in a globalised world, we support this system with the implementation in the publishing house Best of HR -®. In this way, we want to contribute to improving understanding between nations, cultures and languages.

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