The Codes Guidebook for Interiors
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The Codes Guidebook for Interiors

Katherine E. Kennon, Sharon K. Harmon

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eBook - PDF

The Codes Guidebook for Interiors

Katherine E. Kennon, Sharon K. Harmon

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About This Book

Interior codes and standards reference of choice for designers and architects, updated and revised

Completely revised and updated, the seventh edition of The Codes Guidebook to Interiors is the only book devoted exclusively to codes that are applicable to interior designers. The guide features jargon-free explanations of all the codes and standards that are relevant to designers and architects, including performance codes, building and finish standards, energy codes, and ADA standards. In addition, the dozens of examples and a greatly enhanced with a set of illustrations, including floor plans, that clearly show how codes apply to real-world project.

Written by Katherine E. Kennon (a professional architect and facilities planner) and Sharon Koomen Harmon (a professional interior designer and educator) are experts on interior design and architecture codes. Updated coverage contains the most recent ICC codes, including the International Building Code and new material on the ICC International Green Construction Code, as well as the NFPA's most recent Life code. The authors address a wide-variety of building and project types (large and small) and they offer information on single family homes and historical and existing buildings. The seventh edition includes:

  • Easy-to-navigate format geared toward the code process as a whole
  • A step-by-step guide through the codes relevant at each stage in the design process
  • The newest changes to the ADA Standards and ICC/ASI accessibility requirements
  • A companion site that offers interactive checklists, flashcards, PowerPoint lecture slides, and an Instructor's Manual

Having all applicable codes in a single resource saves hours of research time, and can dramatically reduce the potential for costly planning oversights. Whether renovation or new construction, small or large, codes apply to every project. The Codes Guidebook for Interiors provides designers with the comprehensive information they need to stay up-to-date.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Inset Index
  6. Preface
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction How to use this Book
  9. Chapter 1: About the Codes
  10. Chapter 2: Accessibility
  11. Chapter 3: Occupancy Classifications and Loads
  12. Chapter 4: Construction Types and Building Sizes
  13. Chapter 5: Means of Egress
  14. Chapter 6: Fire and Smoke Resistant Assemblies
  15. Chapter 7: Fire Protection Systems
  16. Chapter 8: Plumbing and Mechanical Requirements
  17. Chapter 9: Electrical and Communication Requirements
  18. Chapter 10: Finish and Furniture\hb Selection
  19. Chapter 11: Code Officials and the Code Process
  20. Appendix A: Sustainability
  21. Appendix B: Existing and Historic Buildings
  22. Appendix C: Family Residences
  23. Glossary
  24. Index
  25. EULA
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