Introduction to Gifted Education
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Introduction to Gifted Education

Julia Link Roberts, Tracy Ford Inman, Jennifer Robins

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eBook - ePub

Introduction to Gifted Education

Julia Link Roberts, Tracy Ford Inman, Jennifer Robins

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Introduction to Gifted Education is the definitive textbook designed for courses that introduce teachers to gifted education, whether that is in graduate school or in certification or continuing development programs for teachers. The book is inclusive in nature, addressing varied approaches to each topic while relying on no single theory or construct. The book includes chapters that focus on critical topics such as gifted education standards, social-emotional needs, cognitive development, diverse learners, identification, programming options, creativity, professional development, and curriculum. The book provides a comprehensive look at each topic, including an overview of big ideas, its history, and a thorough discussion to help those new to the field gain a better understanding of gifted students and strategies to address their needs. A rich companion piece supports the text, providing practical strategies and activities for the instructor (designed for both online classes and face-to-face classes). Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented 2018 Legacy Book Award Winner—Scholar

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Getting Started

The homeowner has envisioned the ideal home. Now it is time to add reality to the plans. This means figuring how much storage space is needed and where it will be located. It means discussing with the homeowner how much morning sun should come in through the breakfast windows. The grandiose ideas must be translated into a plan that others can follow. That plan is the blueprint. The homeowner will rely on experts to render the blueprint. The architects will depend on principles for constructing buildings and on experiences they have had with what works well for specific types of buildings. They will rely on other experts if they have questions. And, of course, they will follow all building codes and get the appropriate permits.
This section, Getting Started, provides the blueprint in gifted education. Just as an architect provides the plan before building begins, so effective gifted education depends on understanding the conceptual framework, the history of the field, and gifted education standards. So many decisions will depend on understanding the field. For example, how can a school possibly consider a professional learning plan or the best way to serve children who are gifted in creativity without a conceptual framework and knowledge of gifted education standards?
There are three chapters in this section: "Conceptual Frameworks in Gifted Education as the Foundation for Services," "History of Gifted Education," and "Standards in Gifted Education."

Conceptual Frameworks in Gifted Education as the Foundation for Services

Ann Robinson
This chapter on conceptual frameworks begins with strong words about commitment from one of the world's greatest scientists for a reason. Marie Curie is a poster child for gifted education: a precocious youngster whose life and whose accomplishments were powered by passion, a belief in her work, and a talent for overcoming barriers from the time she was small through her adulthood, Marie is an apt metaphor for what can be done with a clear vision and a desire to discover what makes things tick. As educators, we can take a page out of Maries book. She was a builder of ideas and institutions. Marie's approach to life was comprehensive. She was the consummate theoretician, but she applied herself to practical problems like developing and funding a scheme to equip ambulances with portable X-ray machines.
Delivering services to advanced learners is a comprehensive undertaking that requires both foundational knowledge of the field and the ability to take action. Beneath even the most elegant or the most skeletal infrastructures lies a collection of beliefs and concepts about what gifted education should do. In the real world, no educational enterprise can do everything, so how do thoughtful educators make choices about what gifted education can and should do in their particular context?
One avenue for stepping up to the challenge of serving advanced learners...

Table of contents

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