The Ethics of AI
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The Ethics of AI

Alberto Chierici

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eBook - ePub
No longer available |Learn more

The Ethics of AI

Alberto Chierici

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About This Book

How often have you heard that we must fear an AI-driven apocalypse?

That one day the robots will take over? That we will lose our freedoms and follow the leadership of a ruthlessly efficient overlord? This is what we hear on a daily basis, but is there any truth to those claims?

The Ethics of AI: Facts, Fictions, and Forecasts seeks to explore those questions, and brings in the research of experts such as moral philosopher and author Jonathan Haidt, former lead of psychology at Cambridge Analytica Patrick Fagan and Charles Radclyffe, founder and CEO of the first rating agency for ESG/Ethical AI. Each chapter explores the fundamental aspects of AI and their history, challenging your perspectives on what AI is, and could become. We must keep pace with the rapid development of technology, placing morality and ethics at the forefront when scoping the development of AI applications.

The Ethics of AI explores the intersection of AI, STEM, humanities and ethical formation. If you are a follower of modern technology, work with AI in any capacity or just love sci-fi references, this book belongs in your library.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. CHAPTER 1: The Origins of AI
  3. CHAPTER 2: What Is Artificial Intelligence
  4. CHAPTER 3: Machine and Human Learning
  5. CHAPTER 4: Limitations of AI
  6. CHAPTER 5: AI, from Fiction to Behavioral Science
  7. CHAPTER 6: Case Studies
  8. CHAPTER 7: What Should AI Ethics Focus On?
  9. CHAPTER 8: What Is Human: Part I
  10. CHAPTER 9: What Is Human: Part II
  11. CHAPTER 10: Ethical AI or Ethical Humans?
  12. Acknowledgments
  13. Appendix