The Gods of Mars (Annotated)
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The Gods of Mars (Annotated)

Edgar Rice Burroughs

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The Gods of Mars (Annotated)

Edgar Rice Burroughs

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The definitive edition.

  • Features an uplifting extended biography of the life and experiences of Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Remastered for premium quality print and easy reading

In this novel, we find John Carter again returning back to Barsoom (Mars) after a ten-year separation from his wife and his unborn child. However, due to chance, he arrives in the Valley Dor, the Martian equivalent to the afterlife. From here, no one is allowed to depart.

"Thinkest thou to defeat the eternal laws of life and death?"

At the same time, a ship carrying his best friend who is on a journey to rescue Carter is attacked by previously unknown enemies. This race of self-proclaimed Gods has long deceived other Martians into believing Valley Dor is a paradise of the afterlife.

Will Carter ever escape the afterlife and be reunited again with his wife and child? Immerse yourself in this story of courage and bravery to find out!

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