Flight Theory and Aerodynamics
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Flight Theory and Aerodynamics

A Practical Guide for Operational Safety

Joseph R. Badick, Brian A. Johnson

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eBook - ePub

Flight Theory and Aerodynamics

A Practical Guide for Operational Safety

Joseph R. Badick, Brian A. Johnson

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The newly revised Fourth Edition of Flight Theory and Aerodynamics delivers a pilot-oriented approach to flight aerodynamics without assuming an engineering background. The book connects the principles of aerodynamics and physics to their practical applications in a flight environment. With content that complies with FAA rules and regulations, readers will learn about atmosphere, altitude, airspeed, lift, drag, applications for jet and propeller aircraft, stability controls, takeoff, landing, and other maneuvers.

The latest edition of Flight Theory and Aerodynamics takes the classic textbook first developed by Charles Dole and James Lewis in a more modern direction and includes learning objectives, real world vignettes, and key idea summaries in each chapter to aid in learning and retention. Readers will also benefit from the accompanying online materials, like a test bank, solutions manual, and FAA regulatory references.

Updated graphics included throughout the book correlate to current government agency standards. The book also includes:

  • A thorough introduction to basic concepts in physics and mechanics, aerodynamic terms and definitions, and the primary and secondary flight control systems of flown aircraft
  • An exploration of atmosphere, altitude, and airspeed measurement, with an increased focus on practical applications
  • Practical discussions of structures, airfoils, and aerodynamics, including flight control systems and their characteristics
  • In-depth examinations of jet aircraft fundamentals, including material on aircraft weight, atmospheric conditions, and runway environments
  • New step-by-step examples of how to apply math equations to real-world situations

Perfect for students and instructors in aviation programs such as pilot programs, aviation management, and air traffic control, Flight Theory and Aerodynamics will also appeal to professional pilots, dispatchers, mechanics, and aviation managers seeking a one-stop resource explaining the aerodynamics of flight from the pilot's perspective.

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Introduction to the Flight Environment

A basic understanding of the physical laws of nature that affect aircraft in flight and on the ground is a prerequisite for the study of aerodynamics. Modern aircraft have become more sophisticated, and more automated, using advanced materials in their construction requiring pilots to renew their understanding of the natural forces encountered during flight. Understanding how pilots control and counteract these forces better prepares pilots and engineers for the art of flying for harnessing the fundamental physical laws that guide them. Though at times this textbook will provide a quantitative approach to various principles and operating practices with formulas and examples using equations, it is more important that the reader understand WHY a principle of flight theory is discussed and how that subject matter intertwines with other materials presented; thus a qualitative approach is used throughout this textbook.
Perhaps your goal is to be a pilot, who will “slip the surly bonds of earth,” as John Gillespie Magee wrote in his classic poem “High Flight.” Or you may wish to build or maintain aircraft as a skilled technician. Or possibly you wish to serve in another vital role in the aviation industry, such as manager, dispatcher, meteorologist, engineer, teacher, or another capacity. Whichever area you might be considering, this textbook will build on what you already know and will help prepare you for a successful aviation career.


This chapter begins with a review of the basic principles of physics and concludes with a summary of linear motion, mechanical ...

Table of contents

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