Monetary Economics
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Monetary Economics

Policy and its Theoretical Basis

Keith Bain, Peter Howells

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eBook - PDF

Monetary Economics

Policy and its Theoretical Basis

Keith Bain, Peter Howells

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About This Book

This fully revised second edition of Bain and Howells' Monetary Economics provides an up-to-date examination of monetary policy as it is practised and the theory underlying it. The authors link the conduct of monetary policy to the IS/PC/MR model and extend this further through the addition of a simple model of the banking sector. They demonstrate why monetary policy is central to the management of a modern economy, showing how it might have lasting effects on real variables, and look at how the current economic crisis has weakened the ability of policymakers to influence aggregate demand through the structure of interest rates.
The second edition: features a realistic account of the conduct of monetary policy when the money supply is endogenous provides a detailed and up-to-date account of the conduct of monetary policy and links this explicitly to a framework for teaching macroeconomics includes recent changes in money market operations and an examination of the problems posed for monetary policy by the recent financial crisis
Monetary Economics is an ideal core textbook for advanced undergraduate modules in monetary economics and monetary theory and policy.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Preface
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. 1 The meaning of money
  6. 2 The money supply process
  7. 3 The demand for money
  8. 4 Money supply and control
  9. 5 Monetary policy and aggregate demand
  10. 6 Aggregate demand, output and prices
  11. 7 International issues in policymaking
  12. 8 Issues in the design of monetary policy
  13. 9 The monetary authorities and financial markets
  14. 10 The evolution of monetary policy in the UK
  15. 11 Monetary policy in the European Union
  16. 12 Monetary policy in the USA
  17. Appendix 1 The Term Structure of Interest Rates
  18. Appendix 2 The Banking Crisisand the Credit Crunch
  19. Answers to questions and exercises
  20. Endnotes
  21. References
  22. Index
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