Fusion 360 | Step by Step
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Fusion 360 | Step by Step

CAD Design, FEM Simulation & CAM for Beginners. The Ultimate Guide for Autodesk's Fusion 360!

M.Eng. Johannes Wild

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eBook - ePub

Fusion 360 | Step by Step

CAD Design, FEM Simulation & CAM for Beginners. The Ultimate Guide for Autodesk's Fusion 360!

M.Eng. Johannes Wild

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About This Book

!FUSION 360 is available as a free license for hobby and private users! Fusion 360 Step by Step, the book for everyone who wants to learn CAD design, FEM simulation, animation, rendering and manufacturing of parts and assemblies from an engineer (M.Eng.) with ease. And all this, with a FREE (only for private users) professional software and by means of amazing hands-on examples and design projects (e.g. 4-cylinder-engine). This book is the all-in-one for beginners!
Are you interested in CAD design, in creating three-dimensional objects for 3D printing or other applications ( model making, prototypes, design elements,...)? Are you looking for a practical and compact beginner course for Fusion 360 from Autodesk? Then this Fusion 360 basics book has got you covered! In this comprehensive beginner's course you will learn all the basics you need to use Fusion 360 in detail and step by step. Take a look inside the book right now and get your copy of this handy CAD, CAM, & FEM tutorial as an ebook or paperback!
Numerous illustrations ( more than 200 full-color images ) enhance the book's explanations, creating a clear and easy introduction to design, simulation, and manufacturing. Fusion 360 combines and links several engineering disciplines such as CAD ("Computer Aided Design"), CAM ("Computer Aided Manufacturing") and FEM ("Finite Element Method"), summarized: CAE ("Computer Aided Engineering") in one software. With Fusion 360 you can not only design parts, but also perform simulations and animations, as well as create programming for a CNC machine. The main focus of this book is on design with Fusion 360, i.e. the CAD design section of the software. However, the other features of Fusion 360 will not be neglected and will of course be covered in detail, so don't worry! This hands-on book covers everything you need to know to design (CAD), animate, render, simulate (FEM) and fabricate (CAM & Technical Drawings) 3D parts on your PC using Fusion 360. You will learn how to use Fusion 360 from Autodesk step by step and from scratch by the knowledge of an engineer. Everything from creating a 2D sketch to using Fusion 360's features to creating a three-dimensional object is included. The software and its features are presented in detail and easy to understand using amazing design projects. The advantages of this book at a glance:

Learn step-by-step basic explanations on how to use FUSION 360 with the guidance of an engineer (Master of Engineering) and experienced user

Learn hands-on and through awesome sample projects

Get to know all sections of Fusion 360 (CAD/Design, FEM/Simulation, Rendering, Animation, Manufacturing/CAM, Technical Drawings)

Get a simple, straightforward & fast introduction to Fusion 360

Easy to follow explanations, therefore ideal for beginners, novices and intermediates.

Learn the essentials in no time! Compact and to the point:

Number of pages: approx. 179 pages


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Hi! Are you interested in designing, simulating and manufacturing three-dimensional objects using Autodesk's Fusion 360?
This book is for you! I am an engineer and would like to introduce you to Fusion 360 in a simple and easy to understand way. By the way, you can use Fusion 360 as a private user with a hobby license for FREE!
Use this link for downloading:
This comprehensive and detailed course is specifically for beginners/intermediates and shows from the very beginning how CAD designs, animations, simulations and production planning, succeed. In addition to theoretical explanations on the use of the software and design methodology, you will learn in this course on the basis of practical and exciting design projects!
In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Fusion 360 as a beginner or intermediate! Get started with Fusion 360 with this book today! Let's go!

Table of Contents

Legal Information 1
Preface 2
Table of Contents 3
1 Introduction: Scope and Software 5
1.1 What to expect and what you will learn in this course 5
1.2 Fusion 360 and software download 6
2 Preparation: Getting started with Fusion 360 8
2.1 General Settings 8
2.2 Program Environment and Functions 10
Section I: CAD Construction / Design 15
3 Basics of CAD: Function and Methodology 15
3.1 2D sketching environment 15
3.2 3D object environment 26
3.3 Design Methodology 29
3.4 Single parts vs. Assemblies 43
3.5 Views and Visualizations (Basic views, Sectional view, etc.) 48
4 Practical CAD Application: Design Projects 54
4.1 Design project I: Simple snap hook 54
4.2 Design Project II: Cup with Handle 61
4.3 Design project III: Truck front part 67
4.4 Design Project IV: 4 Cylinder Internal Combustion Engine Model 86
4.4.1 Part 1: Crankcase 87
4.4.2 Part 2: Connecting rod, Piston and Piston pin 98
4.4.3 Part 3: Crankshaft 110
5 "Surface" & "Sheet Metal" 122
5.1 Surface 122
5.2 Sheet Metal 125
Section II: Render & Animation 134
6 Render 134
7 Animation 139
Section III: Simulation, Manufacture & Drawing 144
8 (FEM-) Simulation 144
8.1 Introduction to Simulation and the First Simulation Study 144
8.2 Perform a Simulation Study with an Assembly 155
9 Manufacture 162
10 Drawing 171
Closing Words 178

1 Introduction: Scope and Software

1.1 What to expect and what you will learn in this course

Hi there and welcome to the Fusion 360 course for beginners and intermediates!
In this course, you will find an introduction to the basics of the multifunctional program Fusion 360 from Autodesk and will learn in particular CAD design, animation, simulation, and manufacturing of components and much more in detail. I will share with you my knowledge as an engineer from study and professional practice, so that you will get an optimal learning experience with theoretical basics on the one hand, and practical examples on the other hand. Therefore, after a theoretical introduction, this course includes many practical design examples to make the learning process as easy and efficient as possible for you.
And with Fusion 360 from Autodesk, as with other CAD programs, you can not only design. Rather, this program combines and integrates several engineering disciplines such as CAD ("Computer-Aided Design"), CAM ("Computer-Aided Manufacturing") and FEM ("Finite Element Method"), summarized as CAE ("Computer-Aided Engineering"), in one platform. Thus, Fusion 360 can be used not only to create parts or assemblies, but also to perform simulations and animations, as well as to create programming for a CNC machine. The main focus of this course is on how to design with Fusion 360, i.e., the CAD part of the program. However, the other features of Fusion 360 will not be neglected, so don't worry!
As mentioned earlier, the abbreviation CAD stands for "Computer-Aided Design". CAD software is used to create or edit three-dimensional objects. Starting with simple individual parts, to complex parts, up to entire assemblies that can be virtually assembled.
In this course, especially designed for beginners, you'll learn how the environment of Fusion 360 is structured and how to make the most of each feature for creating three-dimensional objects. You'll be able to follow each design...

Table of contents