Walking The Line
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Walking The Line

Exploring Settle & Carlisle Country

Stan Abbott

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eBook - ePub
No longer available |Learn more

Walking The Line

Exploring Settle & Carlisle Country

Stan Abbott

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About This Book

Widely known as England's most picturesque line, the enduring Settle – Carlisle Railway crosses the north Pennines between Yorkshire and Cumbria, traversing stunning scenery from the Dales through the lonely and lofty fells to the limestone pavements of Westmorland, and on into the lush, green Eden Valley. The line was built by the Midland Railway company in the 1870s, to forge an independent route connecting its English network with Scotland. Uniquely for a railway in the UK, the entire infrastructure is a Conservation Area in its own right – comprising viaducts, stations, bridges, tunnels, trackside structures and railway workers' cottages. By walking all or parts of the route from Settle to Carlisle, you get the chance to get up close to this iconic railway's magnificent architecture. And in the company of a knowledgeable guide, you'll also discover centuries'-worth of local history and traditions: Roman remains, medieval castles, the annual Appleby Horse Fair gathering, and much more besides.

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Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction
  4. 1: Restoration, Bad Navigation and All that Jazz
  5. 2: The Line’s Lofty Bit and a Curious Tale of Slavery
  6. 3: Of Castles, Kings, Ladies and a Vampire in Darkest Peru
  7. 4: Red Kites, Red Squirrels and Tea and Biscuits
  8. 5: Return of the Pied Piper, the Underworld and Whirly Birds
  9. 6: Flightless Birds, Geese and Mushrooms
  10. 7: Paradise Left Behind
  11. Postscript: Standing it All on its Head
  12. Notes
  13. Bibliography
  14. Acknowledgements
  15. Copyright
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