Be Feared
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Be Feared

Jane Burn

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eBook - ePub

Be Feared

Jane Burn

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About This Book

Jane Burn's new poetry collection Be Feared is a captivating reclamation of self, sisterhood, and love, encountering everything from the Snow Queen to monsters, plagues and infernos. Acknowledging fear, this book embraces discovery, a process of translation and transformation, of finding a voice radiant with both curses and psalms.

Rebellious, bloody, and encroached upon by violence, Burn's poetry examines survival, abuse and healing. Intensely imaginative, these incantatory poems rework fairy-tale and folklore and hold up enchanted mirrors to the everyday truths of being a working-class autistic woman, daring to become, claiming her own magnificent, unstoppable fluency and spell-making power.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Trepanation
  7. How Austistic Spectrum Condition Made Her Worth Her Weight in Birds
  8. The Only Kind of Poetry I Seem to be Able to Write
  9. Coronach for my slender waist
  10. Mrs/Mother Hail
  11. Triolet for Easter and the icon I have made of a wizened rabbit’s pelt
  12. Look at me, lingering outside this murdered church
  13. Self-Portrait as an Inferno
  14. Thumbelina’s Birth as Told in the Style of Gregorian chant
  15. So you made a thousand shit decisions
  16. Fairy Stories
  17. Fat Alice
  18. This is a Frankenstein Night
  19. Schneewittchen and the Universe
  20. Aubade to the Noise of Chainsaws
  21. Red
  22. Aubade to a Wedding Photograph
  23. Gerda’s searching leads her to roses and, at the edge of the Snow Queen’s land, she realises that her Autism will always be the fairytale with no satisfactory end
  24. The Cursing Psalm
  25. Hood
  26. There are things that give me away if you know how to look,
  27. Frances Cornford’s poem about a lady in gloves makes me realise that I have feelings for a woman for the first time
  28. The nights in which I fantasise an evensong of us
  29. Are Vaginas a Deal-Breaker Thing?
  30. We could live in a cwtch of castles. I’ll grow my hair
  31. The First Time I Really, Properly Swim
  32. I was not the eye of the Hubble. I saw no cosmic string.
  33. Villanelle to Cold Psalms
  34. Quiero saber si tú aun me quieres and imagining seeing a bird burning in the sky
  35. Study of Life as Recorded in Cruel Lines
  36. Grin Both Ways
  37. The love that Orca taught me while he grew
  38. Ode to the Sight of my Coloured Cob
  39. The gifts she got at birth
  40. Poor blackbird crumb
  41. Be subtle as the Snow Queen,
  42. The truth began with a mirror, cruel and clean
  43. Magic Mirror
  44. My Offering to the Earth
  45. November’s Spoil of Rain and Plague
  46. Ways in which I came to be a thief
  47. The Altar of the Dead
  48. Spun from the Same
  49. The Un-flight of Porcelain Birds
  50. How the river takes whatever you pray
  51. If we are here when yellow has done with the year
  52. Is Autism/Covid happening to someone/somewhere else?
  53. The Advent Calendar of Most Useful Things
  54. If Ω Is For The Last Thing I Might Ever Do
  55. Acknowledgements
  56. About the author and this book