Undoing Hours
Undoing Hours
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Undoing Hours

Selina Boan

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Undoing Hours

Selina Boan

About This Book

Selina Boan's debut poetry collection, Undoing Hours, considers the various ways we undo, inherit, reclaim and (re)learn. Boan's poems emphasize sound and breath. They tell stories of meeting family, of experiencing love and heartbreak, and of learning new ways to express and understand the world around her through nêhiyawêwin.

As a settler and urban nehiyaw who grew up disconnected from her father's family and community, Boan turns to language as one way to challenge the impact of assimilation policies and colonization on her own being and the landscapes she inhabits. Exploring the nexus of language and power, the effects of which are both far-reaching and deeply intimate, these poems consider the ways language impacts the way we view and construct the world around us. Boan also explores what it means to be a white settler–nehiyaw woman actively building community and working to ground herself through language and relationships. Boan writes from a place of linguistic tension, tenderness and care, creating space to ask questions and to imagine intimate decolonial futures.

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2.1.a questions and answers

Q: kîkwây ôma what is this
a leak in memory
a love story that doesn’t travel all the way to the end
his forehead against a bus window
his hand between his thighs
he stood cutting onions, tucking his fingers in
when nohtâwiy messaged back
he sat on the wooden bleachers with me
overlooking the public pool and that strange baby-blue stage
where a group of parents danced to a bluetooth speaker
he told me particles in the air make for good sunsets
held my loss between his shoulder blades
a leak in memory
a love story that doesn’t travel all the way to the end
what are endings tho
but another way to know time
to place in the centre of our learning a hand of minutes
A: maskosiy anima that is a blade of grass
a sharp stagger across memory
my first time
at a party hot-boxing a bathroom
socked feet in the centre of the tub
i am a pack of matches
waiting for the friction of light
how do our legs look
dressed in smoke
do we stay young
when we leave
we leave outlines of our bodies on the wall
Q: maskasiy cî awa is this a fingernail
in the mouth of memory
pulled apart like the insides of a clock
undoing hours
a bundle of wâpanêwask unfurls
NDN time stretches grassland over a watch and is never late
i scrub my hands
and the pieces of a story wash up on the bank
i lost my lover and nohtâwiy in the same month
pull missing
hair from my head
in the mirror i watch time drip
into a lake into a love letter into a poem
Possible Answers:
namôya, maskosiy anima no, that is a blade of grass
at a party hot-boxing a bathroom
namôya, maskasiy ana no, that is a fingernail
in the mouth of memory
namôya, maskasiy ana, no, that is a fingernail,
maskosiy anima. that is a blade of grass.

email drafts to nohtâwiy

i call you by your first name.
you and i, like aspen talking to each other underground. messages threading through roots that run beyond us. the summers we visited are an elastic stretched between time, holding keys and junk-drawer magnets together. in this version of events, we aren’t just poems.
i’ll admit, i’ve been afraid to write. so here is my deflection, for everyone to read.
this summer, my roommate nadia got caught in a storm. hair gelled with so much glitter it beamed across her eyebrows like wet stars. one night near the apartment, a boy offered me a piggyback ride, told me my crutche...

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