Finding the Peacemakers
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Finding the Peacemakers

A journey of faith from the mines of Chile to the deserts of the Middle East

Dan Morrice

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eBook - ePub

Finding the Peacemakers

A journey of faith from the mines of Chile to the deserts of the Middle East

Dan Morrice

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'Dan's book demonstrates that the future will belong to the peacemakers - the true heroes among us.' - Bear Grylls
When thirty-three Chilean miners stepped into the light, alive and well, after sixty-nine days entombed in the earth, the world experienced a rare treat - some good news. Was this an anomaly, or are there other untapped glimmers of hope, hidden behind the headlines? Armed with a camera, a notebook, and a perilous sense of curiosity, Dan Morrice embarks upon a global journey to meet the peacemakers - unsung heroes, forging peace in extreme environments, from war-torn nations to disaster zones. From Chilean miners to Syrian refugees, from ex-football hooligans in Britain, to revolutionaries in Israel-Palestine, Dan discovers how the most unlikely people are rediscovering Christian faith and rewriting the fractured history of our time. At the apex of his journey, Dan's interviews lead him on a five-hundred-mile walk across the Negev Desert to find their source of hope first-hand. In a generation tired of divided nations and negative news, Finding the Peacemakers tells the unreported story of a global movement overcoming the odds to build peace in troubled times. 'O ne of the most inspiring books I have read for many year s.' - Baroness Caroline Cox

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Hodder Faith

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