Hands-On Azure Data Platform
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Hands-On Azure Data Platform

Building Scalable Enterprise-Grade Relational and Non-Relational database Systems with Azure Data Services (English Edition)

Sagar Lad, Abhishek Mishra, Ashirwad Satapathi

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eBook - ePub

Hands-On Azure Data Platform

Building Scalable Enterprise-Grade Relational and Non-Relational database Systems with Azure Data Services (English Edition)

Sagar Lad, Abhishek Mishra, Ashirwad Satapathi

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About This Book

Plan, build, deploy, and monitor data solutions on Azure

Key Features
? Work with PostgreSQL, MySQL, and CosmosDB databases on Microsoft Azure.
? Work with whole data architecture, leverage Azure Storage, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Lake.
? Data integration strategies with Azure Data Factory and Data Bricks.

'Hands-On Azure Data Platform' helps readers get a fundamental understanding of the Database, Data Warehouse, and Data Lake and their management on the Azure Data Platform.The book describes how to work efficiently with Relational and Non-Relational Databases, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Data Lake. The readers will use Azure Databricks and Azure Data Factory to experience data processing and transformation. The book delves deeply into topics like continuous integration, continuous delivery, and the use of Azure DevOps. The book focuses on the integration of Azure DevOps with CI/CD pipelines for data ops solutions. The book teaches readers how to migrate data from an on-premises system or another cloud service provider to Azure.After reading the book, readers will develop end-to-end data solutions using the Azure data platform. Additionally, data engineers and ETL developers can streamline their ETL operations using various efficient Azure services.

What you will learn
? In-depth knowledge of the principles of the data warehouse and the data lake.
? Acquaint yourself with Azure Storage Files, Blobs, and Queues.
? Create relational databases on the Azure platform using SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.
? With Cosmos DB, you can create extremely scalable databases and data warehouses.
? Utilize Azure Databricks and Data Factory to develop data integration solutions.

Who this book is for
This book is designed for big data engineers, data architects, and cloud engineers who want to understand how to use the Azure Data Platform to build enterprise-grade solutions. Learning about databases and the Azure Data Platform would be helpful but not necessary.

Table of Contents
1. Getting Started with the Azure Data Platform
2. Working with Relational Databases on Azure
3. Working with Azure Synapse Analytics
4. Working with Azure Data Lake
5. Working with Azure Cosmos DB
6. Working with Azure Databricks
7. Working with Azure Data Factory
8. DevOps with the Azure Data Platform
9. Planning and Migrating On-Premises Azure Workloads to the Azure Data platform
10. Design and Implement Data Solutions on Azure

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