The Investigation
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The Investigation

A dramatic re-construction of the Frankfurt War Crimes trials

Peter Weiss

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eBook - ePub

The Investigation

A dramatic re-construction of the Frankfurt War Crimes trials

Peter Weiss

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About This Book

The Investigation is a dramatic reconstruction of the Frankfurt War Crimes trials, based on the actual evidence given. This testimony, concerning Auschwitz and the atrocities which were enacted there, has been edited and extracted by Peter Weiss into a dramatic document that relies solely and completely on the facts for its effectiveness.

There is no artistic license, no manipulation of facts and figures, no rearrangement of events for theatrical effect. Nameless witnesses stand and recall their appalling memories of Auschwitz, allowing us to bear witness to their painful and painstaking search for truth and ultimately justice. What emerges is a chastening and purging documentary of deeply moving power.

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Marion Boyars

Canto Eight: PHENOL


I accuse Sanitary Inspector Klehr
of the unauthorised murder
of thousands of prisoners
by injecting phenol into the heart
This is slander
Only in one case
did I supervise any such operation
and even then I did it
entirely against my will
Every day at least 30 prisoners
were killed in the hospital
Sometimes it was as many as 200
Where were the injections given
In the Injection Block
That was Block Twenty
Where was Block Twenty
On the right in the middle row of blocks
opposite the prisoners’ infirmary
in Block Twenty-One
As the prisoner in charge
I had to lead selected cases
across the yard
to the Injection Block
Was the yard shut off
Only by three low iron gates
What was the condition
of the prisoners who were taken
Those who could walk
went in their shirts or half naked
across the yard
They held their blankets
and wooden shoes over their heads
Many of them had to be helped or carried
They entered Block Twenty
by the side door
In what room
were the injections given
In Room One
That was the doctor’s room
at the end of the passage
Where did the prisoners wait
They had to wait in the corridor
The severely ill lay on the ground
They went into the doctor’s room in pairs
Doctor Entress
gave Klehr a third of the patients
This wasn’t enough for him
When the doctor was gone
Klehr undertook additional separations
Did you see this yourself
Yes I saw it myself
Klehr loved round numbers
If the ...

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