Conserving Humanity at the Dawn of Posthuman Technology
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Conserving Humanity at the Dawn of Posthuman Technology

Joseph R. Carvalko Jr.

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eBook - ePub

Conserving Humanity at the Dawn of Posthuman Technology

Joseph R. Carvalko Jr.

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This volume examines the latest scientific and technological developments likely to shape our post-human future. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the author argues that we stand at the precipice of an evolutionary change caused by genetic engineering and anatomically embedded digital and informational technologies. The author delves into current scientific initiatives that will lead to the emergence of super smart individuals with unique creative capacities. He draws on technology, psychology and philosophy to consider humans-as-they-are relative to autonomy, creativity, and their place in a future shared with 'post humans.' The author discusses the current state of bioethics and technology law, both which policymakers, beset by a torrent of revolutionary advances in bioengineering, are attempting to steer. Significantly, Carvalko addresses why we must both preserve the narratives that brought us to this moment and continue to express our humanity through, music, art, and literature, to ensure that, as a uniquely creative species, we don't simply vanish in the ether of an evolution brought about by our own technology.

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