Adult Development and Ageing
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Adult Development and Ageing

Louw, Dap, Louw, Anet

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eBook - PDF

Adult Development and Ageing

Louw, Dap, Louw, Anet

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Adult development – a life span that could easily be four to five times longer than that of childhood – is an important discipline in its own right. As life expectancy is increasing more rapidly than at any other time in human history, scientific knowledge about adult development and especially ageing will become even more crucial. Some younger students may wonder whether learning about adult development is relevant for them. It definitely is. First, adult development is about the 'future you'. It is about the remarkable journey most of you have already entered and the fascinating life journey that lies ahead of you. Second, the information in the book should help you to understand all other adults better, including those close to you such as your parents, grandparents, and other older family members. Therefore, we believe that you will not only enjoy studying this book, but also find it enriching. • The target audience of this book is primarily undergraduate students in psychology, education, social work, psychiatry, and related disciplines. However, the nature and extent of Adult Development and Ageing also makes the text suitable for use at postgraduate level (especially where this field was not a focus area in the undergraduate course). Furthermore, the book contains valuable information that will be useful to anyone who has an interest in adult development. • There is a special focus to ageing as an integral part of human development. This special focus on ageing is also the main reason for including it in the title of this book. • The book focuses on the unique South African situation, therefore, local research data and South African examples are included in the book where possible.

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