ACT Prep 2023 For Dummies with Online Practice
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ACT Prep 2023 For Dummies with Online Practice

Scott A. Hatch, Lisa Zimmer Hatch

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eBook - PDF

ACT Prep 2023 For Dummies with Online Practice

Scott A. Hatch, Lisa Zimmer Hatch

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About This Book

Conquer test anxiety and prepare for the ACT like a pro

Every year, hundreds of thousands of high school students take the ACT as part of the college admissions process. A good score on this exam could be the deciding factor that gets you accepted to your dream school. In ACT Prep 2023 For Dummies with Online Practice, you'll find the hands-on and practical tools needed to succeed. Whether you need a math refresher or handy tips to power through the reading comprehension section, this book will guide you through each part of the exam with easy-to-read explanations, flash cards, and practice tests.

In the book, you'll find:

  • Online access to useful practice tests
  • Updated information on the reading comprehension section, as well as improved strategies for answering reading questions
  • Fulsome explanations, descriptions, and techniques for all four required ACT subject areas—math, science, reading, and English—and the optional essay

A must-have resource for anyone preparing for the challenging ACT exam, ACT Prep 2023 For Dummies with Online Practice can help you maximize your chances of getting into your dream university or college, as well as give you a leg up on securing valuable scholarships.

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For Dummies

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Part 1 Coming to Terms with Reality: An Overview of the ACT
  6. Part 2 Serving Your “Sentence”: The English Test
  7. Part 3 Don’t Count Yourself Out: The Math Test
  8. Part 4 Time to Read the Riot ACT: The Reading Test
  9. Part 5 Studying Brain Defects in Laboratory Rats: The Science Test
  10. Part 6 Writing Rightly: The Optional Writing Test
  11. Part 7 Putting It All Together with Three Full-Length Practice ACTs
  12. Part 8 The Part of Tens
  13. Index
  14. EULA