Advanced SQL with SAS
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Advanced SQL with SAS

Christian FG Schendera

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  1. 428 pages
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eBook - ePub

Advanced SQL with SAS

Christian FG Schendera

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About This Book

This book introduces advanced techniques for using PROC SQL in SAS. If you are a SAS programmer, analyst, or student who has mastered the basics of working with SQL, Advanced SQL with SAS ® will help take your skills to the next level. Filled with practical examples with detailed explanations, this book demonstrates how to improve performance and speed for large data sets. Although the book addresses advanced topics, it is designed to progress from the simple and manageable to the complex and sophisticated.

In addition to numerous tuning techniques, this book also touches on implicit and explicit pass-throughs, presents alternative SAS grid- and cloud-based processing environments, and compares SAS programming languages and approaches including FedSQL, CAS, DS2, and hash programming. Other topics include:

  • Missing values and data quality with audit trails
  • "Blind spots" like how missing values can affect even the simplest calculations and table joins
  • SAS macro language and SAS macro programs
  • SAS functions
  • Integrity constraints
  • SAS Dictionaries
  • SAS Compute Server

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SAS Institute
Chapter 1: Overview
This book is written for advanced users in PROC SQL. The handling of missing values (null values) in PROC SQL is an important topic since SAS SQL handles missing values differently from the ANSI standard. Failure to take these features into account can lead to potentially undesirable results when dealing with missing values. Other topics in this book include data quality, especially with integrity constraints, as well as special features in dealing with missing values and visual analysis of geodata and distances.
Three chapters in this book are particularly important as they help you to harness the power of SAS. The chapter on macro programming, for example, describes how the listwise execution of commands can speed up work with SAS many times over, both when programming and also executing programs. Two further chapters introduce two programming alternatives: programming with hash objects, as well as FedSQL and its possibilities to put it into practice using it in the procedures FEDSQL, CAS and DS2. The chapter on performance and efficiency compiles various possibilities of how to obtain even more performance, especially when handling large amounts of data. Further chapters and sections are reserved for overviews of SQL syntax, SAS functions and routines, as well as various special features of the SAS Pass-Through Facility for selected DBMS accesses. Because this book focuses on using many specific features in SAS, it is written primarily for SAS users, as well as anybody interested in gaining a deeper insight in the power of SAS.
This book also introduces a new processing platform, Cloud Analytics Services (CAS). Section 1.2 compares several programming languages and their advantages especially in the CAS environment. For details about when to use FedSQL and when to use SQL, please see Section 7.5.
1.1 Detailed Description of This Book
Table 1.1 Quick Finder
Overview of this book
Missing values: Definition, mode of operation, and conversion
Data quality: Integrity constraints (test rules) and audit trails, as well as finding duplicates and outliers.
Macro programming: From simple macro variables (SAS, SQL, user-defined), to helpful SAS macro programs including macros for list execution of commands or macros for retrieving system information
SQL for geodata, distances, and maps
Hashing as an alternative to SQL
Performance and efficiency: strategy and measures including narrowing, shortening, and compressing; sorting; and other tips and tricks including SAS dictionaries
Help, tips, and tricks
SAS syntax - PROC SQL, SAS functions, and SAS routines
Syntax index

Table of contents