The Ethics of War and Peace
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The Ethics of War and Peace

An Introduction

Helen Frowe

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eBook - ePub

The Ethics of War and Peace

An Introduction

Helen Frowe

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The Ethics of War and Peace is a lively introduction to one of the oldest but still most relevant ethical debates. Focusing on the philosophical questions surrounding the ethics of modern war, Helen Frowe presents contemporary just war theory in a stimulating and accessible way.

This third edition has been revised and updated throughout, with additional material covering belligerents' duties to refugees, the scope of jus ad bellum, indirect intervention and alternatives to intervention, and the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan. The book also covers key topics, including:

  • theories of self-defence and national defence
  • jus ad bellum, jus in bello and jus post bellum
  • the moral status of combatants
  • humanitarian intervention
  • weapons and technology
  • the principle of non-combatant immunity
  • the nature of terrorism and the moral status of terrorists.

Each chapter uses examples and concludes with a summary, discussion questions and suggestions for further reading to aid student engagement, learning and revision. A glossary covers the full range of relevant terminology.

This is the ideal textbook for students of philosophy and politics approaching this important area for the first time.

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