Querying MySQL
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Querying MySQL

Make your MySQL database analytics accessible with SQL operations, data extraction, and custom queries (English Edition)

Adam Aspin

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eBook - ePub

Querying MySQL

Make your MySQL database analytics accessible with SQL operations, data extraction, and custom queries (English Edition)

Adam Aspin

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About This Book

Carry out real-world analytics to advance your career

Key Features
? Learning the principles of data analysis with MySQL datasets in a practical manner.
? Extensive examples guide the reader through all stages of SQL proficiency, from complete newbie to master.
? Includes methods and methodologies for doing sophisticated MySQL database queries.

This book will take you on an interactive journey to understand SQL querying from the most basic to the most expert level utilising a variety of SQL techniques to extract relevant insights from your MySQL databases.The first section of this book serves as an introduction to the fundamental ideas of both SQL and MySQL. It then walks readers through constructing queries using simple and then more sophisticated table joins and gradually more advanced data filtering to produce advanced queries based on a range of SQL techniques. The reader will better understand MySQL database analysis by mastering the fundamentals of SQL computation, relational logic, and data grouping and aggregation. SQL fundamentals such as query formatting, constructing subqueries, generating derived tables, joining and filtering tables, etc., are also covered. In addition, the book explains how to do rolling analysis, study time-series data, and manage huge and complex MySQL datasets.After completing the book, readers can create their methods for analysing relational MySQL datasets and gaining the needed insights.

What you will learn
? Review SQL concepts like table join, data filtering, query structuring, and table derivation.
? Make it easier to work with data that is spread out over several tables with similar or identical structures.
? Use simple math and logic, multiple filters, and data aggregation to look at the data.
? Learn how to use table expressions, subqueries, and complex calculations well.
? Use advanced methods to do rolling analysis and time series analysis.

Who this book is for
This book is for data professionals, such as database developers, SQL developers, data analysts, and BI experts, who wish to construct complex queries and extract the desired analytics from their datasets. The book also encourages smart new learners to learn SQL and use it right away in their first jobs.

Table of Contents
1. Writing Basic SQL Queries
2. Using Multiple Tables When Querying Data
3. Using Advanced Table Joins
4. Filtering Data
5. Applying Complex Filters to Queries
6. Making Simple Calculations
7. Aggregating Output
8. Working with Dates in MySQL
9. Formatting Text in Query Output
10. Formatting Numbers and Dates
11. Using Basic Logic to Enhance Analysis
12. Subqueries
13. Derived Tables
14. Common Table Expressions
15. Correlated Subqueries
16. Dataset Manipulation
17. Using SQL for More Advanced Calculations
18. Segmenting and Classifying Data
19. Rolling Analysis
20. Analyzing Data Over Time
21. Complex Data Output

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