Driving Results
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Driving Results

Six Lessons Learned from Transforming An Iconic Company

Gary A. Garfield

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eBook - ePub

Driving Results

Six Lessons Learned from Transforming An Iconic Company

Gary A. Garfield

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About This Book

Discover the keys to effective organizational transformation from an author who did it as the CEO of an iconic company

In Driving Results: Six Lessons Learned from Transforming an Iconic Company, now-retired Chief Executive Officer Gary Garfield delivers an incisive and eye-opening road map of how to transform any organization, department, or group. Through a series of massive changes, Garfield drove record results while the CEO. By sharing his learnings on driving change in this insightful book, you'll learn how you can use the six essential elements to drive results through change at your organization or with your team.

In the book, the celebrated author presents:

  • Startling insights into the symptoms of a dysfunctional organization or group—and how to turn it around
  • Comprehensive explanations of each of the six keys to transformation and how to implement them in any company or team
  • Strategies for selling change throughout your organization or group to ensure its success
  • The hallmarks of successful change leaders
  • The importance of culture and how to change it
  • Critical people issues that so often arise during transformation efforts and how to deal with those issues

A must-read collection of thought-provoking, practical, and hands-on methods for delivering impactful and quantifiable change in any environment, Driving Results is the blueprint for transforming any organization or group into a high-performing and culturally healthy powerhouse.

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