How Effective Sermons End
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How Effective Sermons End

Ben Awbrey

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eBook - ePub

How Effective Sermons End

Ben Awbrey

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Extremely rare is the preacher whose preaching could not be improved substantially by readdressing his sermon conclusions! Moreover, a sermon conclusion marks the typical preacher's greatest need for improvement in his preaching. This most significant element of a sermon has been championed for its importance in a sermon and yet the conclusion is trivialized in, if not omitted from, the preaching of sermons. Whether textual, topical, or expository in preaching methodology, the typical preacher has a greater understanding and better implementation of everything else related to preaching in contrast to what is understood and done in concluding sermons. Much is not done, and much more is not understood to conclude sermons with clarity, strength, and persuasiveness.How Effective Sermons End provides a comprehensive approach and thorough examination of the sorely needed and long overlooked instruction regarding that most vital of all elements of a sermon--the sermon conclusion. This book fills the existing void in homiletical pedagogy about concluding sermons, a void that prevents preachers from reaching their full potential of effectiveness in the ministry of preaching the Word of God. The pathway of better preaching is knowledge and skill to effectively conclude sermons and this book floods that pathway with light.

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