Composition for the 21st ½ century, Vol 2
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Composition for the 21st ½ century, Vol 2

Characters in Animation

Thomas Paul Thesen

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eBook - ePub

Composition for the 21st ½ century, Vol 2

Characters in Animation

Thomas Paul Thesen

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About This Book

Composition for the 21st ½ century: Characters in Animation focuses on characters and their application in animation, illustration, games, and films. It covers various technical aspects of character design and their artistic applicability. This book analyzes in detail the purpose of these character design features and provides examples of their impact. Emphasis is placed on each aspect and how it affects and is affected by the narrative. Additionally, complex case studies that assist in explaining the successful use of these concepts in films and animation are included. This book is geared toward students; however, it is also reader-friendly for professionals. Composition for the 21st ½ century: Characters in Animation 's goal is to comprehend composition as an artistic tool and as a significant part of the professional character design process.

Key Features:

  • Teaches the complexity of composition in the professional character design process.

  • Closes the gap between praxis and theory in character design.

  • Explains how to produce believable characters that express their narrative in the visuals.

  • Discusses the need for artistic reasoning in character design.

  • Presents case studies to assist readers in understanding the process as they progress through this book.

Author Bio:

For more than twenty years, Thomas Paul Thesen 's career has been about learning and understanding the complexities of art, animation, and image-making, both in still illustration, drawing, and photography and in the moving image. He has worked in the industry as a character animator and visual development artist for companies such as Pixar, DreamWorks, and Sprite Animation Studios. He has also taught for many years at universities across Asia, the USA, and the UK.

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