The Steel Ceiling
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The Steel Ceiling

Achieving Sustainable Growth in Engineering and Construction

Peter Wilkinson

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eBook - PDF

The Steel Ceiling

Achieving Sustainable Growth in Engineering and Construction

Peter Wilkinson

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About This Book

What needs to change for your business to grow sustainably?

The engineering and construction industry is at a tipping point: How can we foster long-term growth in uncertain times? How do we navigate technology-driven disruption and meet the challenge of net zero emissions? And how do we create a more inclusive, collaborative, and sustainable industry for the future? The Steel Ceiling: Achieving Sustainable Growth in Engineering and Construction highlights current issues facing businesses in the engineering and construction sector in Australia—and outlines what it takes for your business to withstand the economic test of time.

This book gives you the strategic plan you need to break through the "steel ceiling" holding you back. In clear and actionable terms, with examples and stories from the industry, it outlines an effective methodology you can use to grow your enterprise sustainably—from a small business to megaproject capability.

  • Develop a clear understanding of the economic forces impacting the infrastructure sector in Australia
  • Craft a roadmap for evolving your business and remaining competitive in today's landscape
  • Build leadership skills and hone the vision, values and culture that drive your business
  • Learn how to better manage precious time, increase revenue, and improve returns on equity
  • Implement the four pillars that are the foundation for a thriving, sustainable business

Author Peter Wilkinson has more than 30 years' experience in transforming industry business capability, from small business to large-scale government projects. In this book, he provides you with the knowledge and the game plan you need to build a thriving business ready to compete in today's industry environment.

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