HTML5 and CSS3 Masterclass
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HTML5 and CSS3 Masterclass

In-depth Web Design Training with Geolocation, the HTML5 Canvas, 2D and 3D CSS Transformations, Flexbox, CSS Grid, and More (English Edition)

Robin Nixon

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eBook - ePub

HTML5 and CSS3 Masterclass

In-depth Web Design Training with Geolocation, the HTML5 Canvas, 2D and 3D CSS Transformations, Flexbox, CSS Grid, and More (English Edition)

Robin Nixon

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About This Book

Everything You Need to Know to be a Master Web Developer

Key Features
? A step-by-step guide for web developers to plan, sketch, design, create, test, and launch their web applications.
? Extensive illustrations, examples, and best practices to help you become a proficient and modern HTML and CSS developer.
? Includes simple language, short and succinct chapters, and many models to teach you every element of HTML5 and CSS3.

HTML5 and CSS3 Masterclass is an all-inclusive book that teaches and transforms you into a self-reliant web developer capable of creating your websites as soon as you finish reading the book. Every topic in this book is presented sequentially with ready-made, working examples and numerous figures explaining what a professional must understand.This book is written in a casual, easy-to-digest style with plenty of observations and ideas to help you make the most of the current web developer tools. This book will help you master each new ability before moving on to the next by going through the examples in this book. As you proceed, this book will help you develop more explicit knowledge of the types of capabilities made accessible to you by the advanced new technologies added to HTML and CSS. At the beginning of each chapter, you are informed of the central concepts to be covered and given a goal for the information and abilities you should have acquired by the chapter's conclusion.With the knowledge you get and the superior understanding you attain, this book is an excellent way to improve your competitiveness as a web developer and boost your professional growth.

What you will learn
? In-depth web design training with Geolocation, the HTML5 Canvas, 2D and 3D CSS transformations, Flexbox, CSS Grid, and more.
? Understanding HTML5 and CSS3's features, capabilities, and usage methods from A to Z.
? Knowledge of the HTML5 Canvas, 2D and 3D CSS Transformations, Flexbox, and CSS Grid.
? Use established web components and layout patterns to create design schemas that look professional.
? Power up your websites and apps with geo-location, mapping, form handling, 3D animations, and audio-video effects.
? Learn to use Responsive Web Design to improve smartphone, tablet, and laptop user experience.

Who this book is for
If you want to become an expert web developer, this is an appropriate professional book for you to learn how to create professional, beautiful, and responsive websites.
Also, if you are a student, an entry-level web developer, or a freelance designer, this book will give you the knowledge you need to create a great website in a couple of hours.

Table of Contents
1. About HTML5 and CSS3
2. Installing a Web Server
3. Visual Studio Code
4. The Developer Console
5. Introduction to HTML5
6. The HTML5 Canvas
7. Rectangles and Fills
8. Writing on the Canvas
9. Drawing on the Canvas
10. Manipulating the Canvas
11. Advanced Canvas Features
12. Using Geolocation
13. Form Handling
14. Local Storage and More
15. Audio and Video
16. Introduction to CSS3
17. CSS3 Attribute Selectors
18. Creating Backgrounds
19. Building Borders
20. Box and Text Properties
21. Colors and Opacity
22. Text Effects and Web Fonts
23. 2D Transformations
24. 3D and Animation
25. Flexbox Layout
26. CSS Grid
27. Introducing Sass
28. Sass Variables and Flow
29. Advanced Sass

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