The Threat
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The Threat

Why Digital Capitalism is Sexist - And How to Resist

Lilia Giugni

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eBook - ePub

The Threat

Why Digital Capitalism is Sexist - And How to Resist

Lilia Giugni

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Why has the digital revolution been damaging for so many women? And what can be done about it? The Threat explores today's digital capitalism through the prism of the women who are harmed by it globally. Some of them are victimised through digital devices. Others are exploited while producing them. And some don't even have access to the Internet, but are brutally raped in wars funded by the minerals that make our tablets work. With the help of individuals' stories and interviews, activist and academic Dr Lilia Giugni explores how millions of women across the world are violated, exploited and marginalised due to processes of technological change. She unpacks the tight intersections between technology, patriarchy and capitalism -exposing the profit-driven market in which our digital devices are designed and built, and the patriarchal society that shapes who gets to use them and how. Above all, Lilia Giugni gives us very practical ideas to help us take back the tech: turning technology into a truly emancipatory force and a leverage to create a better and more just future for women and for all.
'A brilliant and engaging exposé of how the forces of capitalism and patriarchy penetrate our digital world - and what women can do to fight back.' Hannah Jewell, author of; 100 Nasty Women of History

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