How to Be a Design Student (and How to Teach Them)
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How to Be a Design Student (and How to Teach Them)

Mitch Goldstein

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eBook - ePub

How to Be a Design Student (and How to Teach Them)

Mitch Goldstein

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About This Book

Designer, artist, and educator Mitch Goldstein's experience as student and teacher gives guidance and inspiration to help students get the most out of design school. Life as a design student is filled with questions. Rochester Institute of Technology Associate Professor of Design Mitch Goldstein has many answers, shared in clear, clever, and sage advice that is helpful for students at any level of their education, as well as anyone thinking about attending design school and wondering what it's really all about. For design students and art professionals, Goldstein is a brilliant resource for real-world thoughts about design school and creative practice. Drawing on 16 years of teaching design and his popular "Dear Design Student" Twitter project, Goldstein explores all aspects of how to get the most out of the school experience, and beyond as a creative professional. From collaboration and critiques to practice and process, this is an inspiring roadmap for design students as well as a valuable guide for design professors to help them understand how to shape curriculum from a student's perspective and better the collaborative experience. Goldstein's insightful essays cover such topics as:

  • Why go to design school
  • What actually happens in your classes during your time at design school
  • What kind of assignments you can expect
  • How critiques work
  • What you're actually expected to do on a daily basis
  • How to translate ideas into paying client projects
  • How to make things that will get you a job
  • And much more

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