Cybersecurity Law
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Cybersecurity Law

Jeff Kosseff

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Cybersecurity Law

Jeff Kosseff

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Learn to protect your clients with this definitive guide to cybersecurity law in this fully-updated third edition

Cybersecurity is an essential facet of modern society, and as a result, the application of security measures that ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data is crucial. Cybersecurity can be used to protect assets of all kinds, including data, desktops, servers, buildings, and most importantly, humans. Understanding the ins and outs of the legal rules governing this important field is vital for any lawyer or other professionals looking to protect these interests.

The thoroughly revised and updated Cybersecurity Law offers an authoritative guide to the key statutes, regulations, and court rulings that pertain to cybersecurity, reflecting the latest legal developments on the subject. This comprehensive text deals with all aspects of cybersecurity law, from data security and enforcement actions to anti-hacking laws, from surveillance and privacy laws to national and international cybersecurity law. New material in this latest edition includes many expanded sections, such as the addition of more recent FTC data security consent decrees, including Zoom, SkyMed, and InfoTrax.

Readers of the third edition of Cybersecurity Law will also find:

  • An all-new chapter focused on laws related to ransomware and the latest attacks that compromise the availability of data and systems
  • New and updated sections on new data security laws in New York and Alabama, President Biden's cybersecurity executive order, the Supreme Court's first opinion interpreting the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, American Bar Association guidance on law firm cybersecurity, Internet of Things cybersecurity laws and guidance, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, the NIST Privacy Framework, and more
  • New cases that feature the latest findings in the constantly evolving cybersecurity law space
  • An article by the author of this textbook, assessing the major gaps in U.S. cybersecurity law
  • A companion website for instructors that features expanded case studies, discussion questions by chapter, and exam questions by chapter

Cybersecurity Law is an ideal textbook for undergraduate and graduate level courses in cybersecurity, cyber operations, management-oriented information technology (IT), and computer science. It is also a useful reference for IT professionals, government personnel, business managers, auditors, cybersecurity insurance agents, and academics in these fields, as well as academic and corporate libraries that support these professions.

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