Mad World
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Mad World

The Politics of Mental Health

Micha Frazer-Carroll

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eBook - ePub

Mad World

The Politics of Mental Health

Micha Frazer-Carroll

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'A radical antidote to the constraints of our current conceptualisation of mental health' Dazed

'Exposes the underlying truth that capitalism is fundamentally incompatible with our wellbeing, and teaches us how to transform the ways we understand madness, illness, and disability to build a better world' Beatrice Adler-Bolton, co-author of Health Communism

Mental health is a political issue, but we often discuss it as a personal one. How is the current mental health crisis connected to capitalism, racism and other social issues? In a different world, how might we transform the ways that we think about mental health, diagnosis and treatment?

These are some of the big questions Micha Frazer-Carroll asks as she reveals mental health to be an urgent political concern that needs deeper understanding beyond today's 'awareness-raising' campaigns.

Exploring the history of asylums and psychiatry; the relationship between disability justice, queer liberation and mental health; art and creativity; prisons and abolition; and alternative models of care; Mad World is a radical and hopeful antidote to pathologisation, gatekeeping and the policing of imagination.

Micha Frazer-Carroll is a columnist at the Independent. Micha has written for Vogue, HuffPost, Huck, gal-dem and Dazed. She was nominated for the Comment Awards' Fresh New Voice of the Year Award, and the Observer/Anthony Burgess Award for Arts Criticism.

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