Feed Yourself
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Feed Yourself

Step Away from the Lies of Diet Culture and into Your Divine Design

Leslie Schilling

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eBook - ePub

Feed Yourself

Step Away from the Lies of Diet Culture and into Your Divine Design

Leslie Schilling

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About This Book

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Break the chains of diet culture once and for all.

Diet culture permeates American society--even in our safest of places. It lurks in schools, playground conversations, medical offices, and even in our places of worship. We're often sold well-meaning messages wrapped in Bible verses that are actually rooted in the diet culture born of this world. It's only when you begin to see diet culture's lies that you can fight back, build resilience, and trust your divine design.

Christian dietitian and nutrition therapist Leslie Schilling counsels hundreds of people every year who are struggling with food, body concerns, chronic dieting, and disordered eating. She helps them understand diet-culture myths, fight the lies we've been told (and sold), and discover the truth about health, well-being, and how God sees us.

In Feed Yourself, you'll learn how to:

  • Pinpoint the lies of diet culture all around you, even in our places of worship
  • Understand that health is far more than what we eat or how we move
  • Step away from the shame and guilt you may feel about your body
  • Trust your body and recognize the cues your body gives you
  • Identify what your body really needs
  • Find freedom in food andlearn to define health for yourself

It's time to accept that you are fearfully and wonderfully made--a truth unrelated to your body size or what's on your plate. Cheers to freedom!

Discussion questions, charts to help you discern diet culture, and recommended readings are included in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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