Psychology, Art and Creativity
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Psychology, Art and Creativity

Shannon Whitten

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eBook - ePub

Psychology, Art and Creativity

Shannon Whitten

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About This Book

This comprehensive text challenges the taken-for-granted opposition of science and art by combining the fundamental principles of psychology, art and creativity and presenting the interdependent disciplines together in one unique, clear, and accessible resource.

The author, Shannon Whitten, begins with an introduction to the foundations of art and psychology, providing readers with a critical understanding and history of the key concepts in bothdisciplines before establishing their interdependency. Drawing on a solid evidence base, the book then presents an assortment of extensive topics, from the human perception of color to the ability of art to impact mental health. The exploration of these topics enables the reader to reflect on the phenomenal power of human creativity. The chapters include vital categories of human psychology such as emotion, perception, personality, and social psychology to show the extensive connections between these elements of experience and art. Featuring a wealth of additional resources, this illuminating text equips the reader with a sound knowledge of the vocabulary and issues in the study of empirical aesthetics through visual content and stimulating prompts for reflection.

Emphasizing the link between creativity and good mental health, the book is an essential read for students of the psychology of art, creativity, art therapy, and empirical aesthetics, as well as any discipline within the humanities, arts and science. It will also be of relevance to anyone interested in understanding the psychology behind creativity and its therapeutic effects on the artist.

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