Wiley GAAP 2023
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Wiley GAAP 2023

Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Joanne M. Flood

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eBook - ePub

Wiley GAAP 2023

Interpretation and Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Joanne M. Flood

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About This Book

The gold standard in US GAAP resources—fully revised to reflect the latest pronouncements

US GAAP undergoes constant revision and review, requiring accountants and other financial practitioners to keep a close eye on updates and changes. Wiley GAAP 2023 offers the most comprehensive coverage of all Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Topics—including all the latest updates.

Every chapter offers a discussion of relevant perspectives and issues, GAAP sources, practice-oriented examples, and clear definitions of terms, concepts, and rules. Every FASB Topic is clearly explained in a reader-friendly way and includes dynamic graphics to help the reader understand and retain the nuanced subject matter.

Extensively updated to reflect all current US GAAP changes, this invaluable practice resource:

  • Reviews all the latest changes to accounting principles
  • Offers expert guidance on complex issues raised by specific pronouncements
  • For ease of research, includes topic-specific chapters and comprehensive cross-references
  • Illustrates how each standard applies to common, real-world scenarios
  • Clarifies how to implement each standard with numerous practical examples

The 2023 edition includes the latest revisions to standards on credit losses, leases, derivatives, and more, plus guidance on a new FASB Codification topic on government assistance.

Non-compliance with GAAP is not an option for effective accounting and financial professionals. Wiley GAAP 2023 is your one-stop resource for staying current with constantly evolving guidelines and delivers the insight and guidance you need.

BONUS: Online, downloadable Financial Statement Disclosure and Presentation Checklist, now including industry- specific disclosures!

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