The Basics of  American Politics
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The Basics of American Politics

Gary Wasserman, Elliott Fullmer

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  1. 340 pages
  2. English
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eBook - ePub

The Basics of American Politics

Gary Wasserman, Elliott Fullmer

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About This Book

Lively and straightforward, The Basics of American Politics offers a concise and accessible introduction to the nuts and bolts of the American system of government. Throughout this brief, student-friendly text, authors Gary Wasserman and Elliott Fullmer employ a dynamic game metaphor to engage students in the basics of American government and the contact sport of politics. For introductory students of American government, this affordable text is especially ideal for advanced placement courses, community colleges, and international programs in American Studies.

New to the 17th Edition

  • Covers the personalities and actions of the new Biden administration, as well as wrapping up President Trump's tumultuous final year in office (two impeachments, COVID, the Capitol riot)
  • Updated to reflect the results of the 2022 midterm elections, and the impact of reapportionment and gerrymandering (based on the 2020 Census)
  • Presents recent developments on the Supreme Court including appointment of two new justices and major decisions including those on abortion, voting rights, and LGBT rights
  • Reflects changes in voting behavior in the 2020 and 2022 elections, as well as fights over voter suppression
  • Explores the ongoing crisis of misinformation and disinformation
  • Expands the discussion of tribal politics and threats to democracy
  • Discusses student activism

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