Nutrition and Integrative Medicine for Clinicians
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Nutrition and Integrative Medicine for Clinicians

Volume Two

Aruna Bakhru, Aruna Bakhru

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eBook - ePub

Nutrition and Integrative Medicine for Clinicians

Volume Two

Aruna Bakhru, Aruna Bakhru

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About This Book

Mystery illnesses can be helped, this book lays the groundwork for it.

Building on its predecessor, this new volume, Nutrition and Integrative Medicine for Clinicians is an essential, peer-reviewed resource for practitioners, those in allied health care, and complementary/alternative medicine. The book contains valuable information for healthcare providers to use by helping patients manage, treat and even prevent illnesses and put them on a healthy path to recovery.

This volume contains information on various subjects including:

路 Illnesses resulting from water damaged buildings and subsequent change in the microbiome of the building

路 Steps to heal from mold/mycotoxin illnesses

路 Effects of CIRS on metabolism and insulin resistance

路 Pediatric sleep-related breathing disorders and their effects on growth and development

路 Environmental hormone disruptors

路 Myalgic encephalitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

路 Regenerative agriculture

路 Circadian effects of artificial light and their effects on mitochondria

路 Nutritional support for Covid

路 The human body as a biological sound healing instrument

路 Art in medicine

路 Living life with intention and mindfulness

路 Making childbirth a positive experience

Written by authors at the forefront of their respective fields, this book presents information for people "written off" as having a "mystery illness." It is a comprehensive guide on evaluating illnesses that are difficult to diagnose.

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