Judgment, Decision-Making, and Embodied Choices
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Judgment, Decision-Making, and Embodied Choices

Markus Raab

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eBook - ePub

Judgment, Decision-Making, and Embodied Choices

Markus Raab

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About This Book

Judgment, Decision-Making, and Embodied Choices introduces a new concept of embodied choices which take sensorimotor experiences into account when limited time and resources forces a person to make a quick decision. This book combines areas of cognitive psychology and movement science, presenting an integrative approach to understanding human functioning in everyday scenarios. This is the first book focusing on the role of the gut as a second brain, introducing the link to risky behavior. The book's author engages readers by providing real-life experiences and scenarios connecting theory to practice.

  • Discusses the role of gut feelings and the brain-gut behavior connection
  • Demonstrates that behavior influences decision and other people's perceptions about mood or character
  • Includes research on medical decisions and shopping decisions
  • Illustrates how to train embodied choices

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